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Optimal Strategies of Technology Introduction and Self-reliance Technology Innovation for Chinese Hi-tech Industries

Author: LiuZhan
Tutor: ChenHongMin
School: Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course: Management Science and Engineering
Keywords: High-tech industry Introduction of technology Independent research and technological innovation Technical protection period
CLC: F276.44;F224
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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2005 China's first independent innovation refers to the height of a national strategy, and made the strategic objectives To build China into an innovative country \international competitiveness and innovation capacity. According to the provisions of the OECD, the high-tech industries, including aerospace aircraft manufacturing industry, electronics and telecommunications equipment manufacturing industry, computer and office equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and medical equipment, instrumentation manufacturing and other industries. After years of development, China's high-tech industry development status and external environment appeared the following characteristics should be fully in the subsequent development of great importance: (1) China's high-tech industry already has some of the low quality of the high-tech products; (2) the development of international technical diversification trend, select the space to provide for the introduction of technology of the high-tech industry in China; (3) the international introduction of technology in the form of the high-tech industry in China has a simple commodity trade, and gradually deeper to technology licensing, equity investment cooperation and development; ( 4) high-tech industries with network externalities, economies of scale, technical barriers, the marginal cost of production is lower and so on, and the difference in selection criteria based on the consumer products, competition among enterprises performance quality standards for competition and multidimensional standard competition in two types; (5) the lack of high-quality core technology is an important factor restricting China's high-tech industry to participate in international competition, many years of development experience has shown that the core technology can not be obtained through international technology introduction, we must rely on our enterprise independent research and development. In order to improve the core competitiveness of China's high-tech industry, the paper argues that China's enterprises should strengthen independent innovation, the introduction of technology absorption and innovation and self-reliance innovative independent innovation in two main ways. For this reason, in the future development of China's high-tech industry should be addressed to independent research and the distribution of benefits between the technology and the international introduction of technology, to capitalize on the current trend of diversification of international high-tech industrial technology development, according to the technical characteristics of the imported technology optimization choose to deal with the introduction of technological innovation and the relationship between innovation and self-reliance, on the basis of maintaining social welfare, to promote independent research and technology development. Consumer Product selection criteria according to the goal of high-tech products, the high-tech industry divided into two types: one for the quality standard-competing industries, the selection of vertical differentiation model to characterize; other for multidimensional standard competitive industry multidimensional differentiation model, will be chosen to portray. The main content of this paper can be broadly divided into four parts: The first part of the article introduces the research background, the theoretical background and practical background; second part focused analysis of how to take advantage of the international introduction of high-quality technology to enhance the welfare of our society, to promote industrial development; part of the focus of analysis in an open environment, maintaining the innovation and development of China's own R \u0026 D enterprise; Summary and Outlook The fourth part of the full text. The details are as follows: 1, the first part of the first three chapters of the full research background, theoretical basis and practical industry depth study commenced to lay the foundation for the subsequent theoretical analysis. , Theoretical review focused on strategic trade theory, the economics of technological innovation in enterprise innovation motivation and government innovation policy, open technology transfer and technological innovation in the economy as well as network externalities related research, and at the same time pointed out that the existing research on inadequate analysis of China's high-tech industry, technology introduction and independent research and technical innovation. After in-depth analysis of the status quo of China's high-tech industry development, the introduction of technology status and development issues, this paper, despite years of efforts of China's high-tech industry has made certain achievements, but still facing the problem of lack of core technology. 2, the second part of the article, including chapters 4 and 5, focusing on analysis of China's high-tech industry in the international introduction of technology strategy. Chapter multidimensional differentiation model to study the loss of a multidimensional network externality standard competitive market, the gap between the technical quality, technical compatibility, network externalities strength, consumer spending preferences, the international high-tech enterprise technology transfer charges the proportion of the technical characteristics of the impact on the the technology backward country's social welfare and subsequent technological innovation, from the point of view of the maintenance of social welfare, the proposed introduction of technology optimization strategy of China's high-tech industry in different market conditions. On the basis of this analysis, this chapter combined with differentiated policy adopted by China in the digital TV industry, the DVD industry, Internet industry, the introduction of the strategy and technology development strategy recommendations on the multidimensional standard competitive industry technology. Chapter using vertical differentiation competition model, quality standards in the competitive market with the characteristics of network externalities and economies of scale characteristics, technical quality gap, production economies of scale gap, international high-tech enterprise technology transfer fee proportion The technical characteristics of the technology backward country's social welfare, the introduction of policy recommendations for our quality standard competitive high-tech industry technology. The article combined with the development of third generation mobile communication equipment industry, large aircraft industry, high-speed railway industry in China, the strategy proposes the introduction of technology issues for the quality standard of competitive high-tech industry. 3, the third part around how to maintain their own independent research and development enterprise innovation and development of in-depth analysis, including Chapters VI and VII. Chapter VI using vertical differentiation competitive model, comparative analysis in the presence of technology spillovers quality standards in the competitive market, independent research and development of technology backward country high-tech enterprises in the innovation of products imported innovative models and innovative model of self-reliance motivation for our independent research and development of high-tech industry technology innovation mode proposed strategy proposals. Chapter VII of our government can learn from the successful experience in developing countries such as Japan, South Korea, using a set of technical protection of the way, to set aside a certain technology development period for China's high-tech self-developed technology, cultivate our own R \u0026 D companies from using their market international competitiveness. Chapter VII of the use of multi-dimensional differentiation model in-depth study of the feasibility of the measures in the the multidimensional standard competitive market, and to compare the differences between the innovative motivation and social innovation motivation to put forward to promote enterprise motivation and unified government motives strategy recommendations. In the third section, respectively, of China's mobile communication equipment manufacturing industry, China and South Korea, the technical development of the digital TV industry as a case summary and review of development experience in various industries, verify the value of the practical application of the results of the theoretical analysis. 4, the fourth part of Chapter VIII, the full text content of a comprehensive summary and proposed research prospects. Through the study, the following conclusions: 1 for with network externalities features high-tech industries, if the company between the multi-dimensional standard competition, the enterprise for the purpose of expansion of business profits and promote the follow-up technical innovation, the introduction of their own preference similar technical characteristics, a certain coherence, but completely different technology selection preferences between enterprises. The quality gap between our own R \u0026 D technology and international advanced technology with respect to consumer spending prefer a smaller loss should maintain the monopoly profits of independent research and development enterprise in our local market, to promote independent research and technology development and the improvement of social welfare. Market competition, enterprises are ongoing to improve the quality of technical research and development, the introduction of high-quality corporate technical advantages will gradually enhanced the possibility of independent research and development enterprises out of the market will continue to increase. Network externality for consumption, production economies of scale characteristics of the high-tech industry, the the vertically differentiated competition between enterprises, independent research and development quality gap between technology and international high-quality technology and the gap between the economies of scale, constitutes a selection of the technical characteristics of the high-tech enterprises in China. Case with strong production efficiency in the international high-quality technology, our government should control the quality of imported technology, in order to maintain the market competitive equilibrium structure to prevent the introduction of technology companies competitive advantage, the formation of a corporate conspiracy to damage consumer surplus. International technology could be introduced in the case of our own R \u0026 D enterprise productivity advantage for the quality of self-developed technology advantage is small, and a higher proportion of international technology transfer fee should be appropriate to control the quality of imported technology to maintain China's self-developed business interests. Quality standards in the competitive market, imported products relative to the quality of independent research and technology advantages of a larger (or product imported produce strong spillover effects), forced by the competition of imported products, China's self-developed enterprise The dynamics of innovation will be increased, the Chinese government should open up the market, stick to products imported innovation route. If imported products for independent research and technical quality advantage is smaller and smaller role of technology spillovers product imports, our government should support their own independent research and development enterprises choose to be self-reliant innovation mode, in order to more effectively promote the innovative power of the independent research and development enterprise . This article summarizes the technology development experience of China's mobile communication equipment manufacturing, and pointed out that from imported products Reverse engineering to mimic the development process of innovation to the independent research and development, independent research and development of high-tech enterprises in China has set a good example. 4, learn from the experience of the development of high-tech industries of Japan, South Korea and other countries, multidimensional standard competitive market, the reasonableness of the technical term of protection measures. The results show that, in the large case market discount factor, our government time for space strategy set of technical protection of the ways to enhance the independent research and development of high-tech products target product quality and market competitiveness of enterprises can to achieve, but the government should control the duration of protection. Our government should be based on the actual market situation, flexible use of the RD the subsidies, RD tax and other measures, coordination of business interests and social interests of the contradictions, the unified social innovation motivation and innovation motivation. The main innovations are as follows: 1, starting from the high-tech industry in China has the right to choose, through theoretical research market boundary conditions for the introduction of a variety of technical strategy. Unlike most of the theoretical studies, the paper emphasizes the feasibility and necessity of the high-tech industry in China to carry out the optimization techniques introduced, pointed out that the face of a wide range of international high-tech industry development trend, China's enterprises should have mastered self-developed technology based on the combination of the technical characteristics of the international high-quality technology, international technology introduction selectively. In this paper, vertical differentiation model and multi-dimensional differentiation model, analysis of China's high-tech industry, the introduction of a variety of technical strategy for the market boundary conditions, proved theoretically that should not be part of the market conditions, the excessive pursuit of sophisticated introduction of technology. 2 based technology to China's high-tech industry has mastered the low quality, the sustainable development strategy of China's self-developed technology to prove the reasonableness of self-reliance and innovation in the part of the market conditions. Previous studies are different, and the study of the sustainable development strategy of China's self-developed technology, is built on the basis of sufficient emphasis on our existing technology resources, the full text of the conclusions is more in line with reality. This study self-developed technology sustainability strategy focused on the following two aspects: starting from business interests, technology choice preferences of independent research and development enterprise of international technology introduction; proceed from the interests of technological innovation, independent research and development innovation mode selection. By model studies, not only confirmation the market marginal conditions applicable to a variety of technology innovation strategy, and the results show that our existing technology has a certain competitiveness, the use of the domestic market to carry out self-reliant innovation to meet the long-term development interests. Multidimensional standard-competing industries to verify the feasibility of the time for space policy. To learn from the experience of the development of high-tech industries of Japan, Korea and other countries, this paper the multidimensional standard differentiation model, validation of our government under certain market conditions, the use of technical protection measures to safeguard the technical feasibility of the development of independent research and development of high-tech industry, at the same time pointed out that in the technology during the period of protection, the government should adjust the enterprise innovation motivation to achieve social welfare maximization. Confirmation from the Chinese government through the theoretical analysis, in the new international environment of competition, new ideas for a maintenance of independent research and technology development of high-tech industry.

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