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A Study of the Relationship among Entrepreneur’s Work-family Conflict, Coping Strategies and Entrepreneurial Performance

Author: WangHuaFeng
Tutor: JiaShengHua
School: Zhejiang University
Course: Business management
Keywords: Entrepreneur Work - family conflict Processing strategy Entrepreneurial Performance
CLC: F272.91
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2009
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With the climax of global entrepreneurial activity, more and more people began to engage in the business, the number of business entrepreneurs along with unprecedented growth, he (she) is increasing the impact of the economic, social. Entrepreneurs becoming the darling of the social, public opinion and the media, the focus of attention. At the same time, some of the problems faced by entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial process also caused concern, a more prominent issue is the work - family conflict (Work-Family Conflict). Entrepreneurs often face high work - family conflict, his (her) on the one hand to actively work hard for his new venture, hand and distraction for family responsibilities. Under the dual pressures of entrepreneurs as the Eight Immortals, recount, have resorted to various methods to deal with. Some people successfully achieve a breakthrough, achieved double harvest of career and family; others After a successful career, but in the family to carry a heavy burden, or busy with a divorce, or overwhelmed from within the family troubles; and more people in the family and career lose-lose situation. The purpose of this thesis is to examine entrepreneurs work - family conflict and treatment strategy of entrepreneurial performance. This paper argues that entrepreneurs and their entrepreneurial activities of potential conflicts between work and family be a great impact, this effect is not only related to the physical and psychological health of the entrepreneur, but also related to the survival and development of new business, even will further affect the employee's employment, economic growth and social stability. This thesis revolves around the following three elements to expand: research, entrepreneurial work - family conflict and entrepreneurial performance relationship; research, entrepreneurial work - family relations of strategy and business performance research; study III analysis, based on work - the entrepreneurial performance gender differences in family interaction. Study (Study One) corresponding to the third chapter. This study on the basis of the previous theoretical literature, the work - family conflict zone is divided into work interference with family conflict (Work Interfere Family Conflict, WIF) and family interference work conflict (Family Interfere Work Conflict, FIW) conflict of two different directions, time conflict (Time-Based Conflict), pressure conflict (Strain-BasedConflict), conflict of behavior (Behavior-Based Conflict) three different forms of conflict, a total of six types were investigated with two types of entrepreneurial performance (survival performance Successful performance). The empirical results show that the different types of work - family conflict entrepreneurial performance. Entrepreneurial performance of the two types of FIW entrepreneurs have a negative impact, which, based on the pressure of the impact of the FIW, followed by time-based FIW. Two types of WIF has a positive impact on the entrepreneurial performance of the entrepreneur, which, based on the time WIF WIF followed by pressure-based. No significant effect on behavior-based work - family conflict and business performance. In addition, the study also found that, in terms of impact on survival performance, FIW greater than WIF; successful performance, WIF than FIW. Study (Study two) is the core part of the paper, three parts correspond to the fourth chapter, Chapters V and VI. The first part (Part one) try entrepreneurs - Family treatment strategy for multidimensional classification. This section on the basis of previous studies, but also closely linked to the content of the work - family conflict, put forward the idea of ??classification in accordance with the two dimensions of the processing range and scope of style. Processing range, work - family treatment strategies can be divided into the job roles treatment strategies and family roles processing strategy two categories; processing style points, the work - family treatment strategies can be divided into the role of resources to support the type, the role of demand reduction type and role behavior managed three styles, a total of six types. This section is followed by interview analysis, classification idea to verify. Content analysis results show that the classification concept has good content validity and reliability. The second part (Part two) entrepreneurs. Processing strategy, development and validation of the scale. This section is based on the classification concept on the processing strategy, collected through interviews and documents, to fully absorb the elements of entrepreneurial characteristics, prepared in three different styles of handling strategy scale, the role resources to support the scale, the role of demand to reduce the scale and role behavior management scale. On this basis, through the exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis to test the reliability and validity of these scales. The test results show that each scale has high reliability and validity. Final form the independent scale consists of three parts - Family treatment strategies Scale (Work-Family Coping Strategies Questionnaire, referred to as WFCSQ). The third part (Part three) examines the different types of work - family treatment strategies for entrepreneurial performance. The part of the study found that different types of work - family treatment strategies have different effects on entrepreneurial performance. FIW fully mediated the three styles of family roles processing strategy for entrepreneurial performance forward. That three styles of family roles processing strategy by reducing the FIW only indirectly contribute to the survival and development of the new organization. Among them, the role of demand reduction policy, the role of resources to support the strategy followed by minimal role behavior management strategies; WIF part of the job role of the intermediary in three styles processing strategy for entrepreneurial performance. Role demand reduction strategy for entrepreneurial performance both direct and negative impact, but also by the WIF indirect negative impact on entrepreneurial performance; role of resources to support strategy and role behavior management strategies have a direct positive impact, but also indirectly through the WIF negative impact. Study (Study Three), the thesis Chapter VII, mainly to study gender differences in entrepreneurial performance phenomenon. In this study, in the context of China's entrepreneurial men and women entrepreneurs entrepreneurial performance compared to investigate the existence of gender differences. If gender differences do not exist, this study will shift to investigate the reason, this study will further examine the causal mechanism; gender differences exist. The study found that there are significant differences with the situation abroad, our servicemen and women entrepreneurs entrepreneurial performance. Survival performance, successful performance, the performance of women entrepreneurs entrepreneurship always lag behind their male compatriots. From family interaction perspective, the study then examines the reasons behind this phenomenon, focusing on exposing the two types of causal mechanisms: first, the different experiences of men and women entrepreneurs work - family conflict feelings to explain his (her) entrepreneurial performance difference. Second, men and women entrepreneurs at work - home treatment strategy tend to favor explain his (her) entrepreneurial performance differences. The study found that male and female entrepreneurs entrepreneurial performance difference is not only working with him (her) family conflict experience with him (her), but also related to their work - family treatment strategies tend to favor. In theoretical innovation, the paper by the three interrelated research, the successful realization of the purpose of work - family interaction literature and entrepreneurship research combining work - family conflict and its processing strategy and business performance relational model to build and validation, showing the work - family interaction explain entrepreneurial performance capacity and institution. This not only enriched the connotation of the work - family interaction theory, but also to expand the entrepreneurial performance research perspective. On this basis, the paper examines the depth of the entrepreneurs in the work - family interaction field of gender differences, and linked them with entrepreneurial performance gender differences, from a new theoretical perspective to explain a puzzling phenomenon: Why are women entrepreneurial performance worse than men, regardless of the performance of survival indicators or success indicators to measure. Practical value, the results of this thesis can play at least the following three aspects of the role. First, the work of the entrepreneurs. Families cope with the type of policy and its effectiveness to system exploration, help to strengthen the entrepreneurial work - family conflict management; Second, entrepreneurs work - family interaction and business performance relationship to scientific understanding, help to improve the level of performance of Entrepreneurship; Third, entrepreneurs gender differences in in-depth investigation, help to create a favorable business environment for women entrepreneurs.

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