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Research on Multi-Resolution Modeling of the Urban Emergency Evacuation Simulation Based on Agent-Based Modeling

Author: GuoDan
Tutor: WangCheng
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: System Analysis and Integration
Keywords: Multi-resolution model Gathered crowd Evacuation model Agent-based modeling GIS Artificial potential field Simulation
CLC: N945.13
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2010
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In to control crowds risk management, the researchers state of emergency for the city public spaces under the risk characteristics of the crowd to take effective control in order to eliminate the risk factors to reduce accidents, reduce losses. By avoiding the prevention and decentralized way to achieve the purpose of risk control and divert. City crowd composition and public places, the environment is very complex, inextricably linked between them is more complex, researchers must study urban public places state of emergency under the mechanism of the interaction between the crowd and the development and evolution constitute the structure of the population, psychological factors, management factors, as well as the public spaces of the city spatial structure and other factors to consider proposed to avoid, prevention, and dispersed the evacuation, the crowd assumed risk reduction, reducing the potential catastrophic. This thesis is based on distributed thinking, using the bottom-up method using multi-resolution intelligent model to simulate the entire complexity of the evacuation process, and resolve the status of the various types of evacuation model model to solve a single problem. Reflect the entire complex process of meso-and macro-law through a collection of real modellers agent entity behavior in the high-resolution micro-level, then real interaction, complex phenomenon formed by the interaction of simple elements, effective integration of artificial intelligence, computer simulation technology, and geographic information systems, urban mass evacuation emergency simulation. The work of this study: (1) from the point of view of the theory of technology, the present study evacuation simulation model showing the respective single developer, or simple model structure, the simulation granularity requirements are relatively low, and the more one-sided modeling considerations; or do not consider calculated consideration microeconomic behavioral modeling algorithm optimization, in order to more realistic model simulation appears; or departure from the management level to consider the angle to assess the crude kind of parameters, for the development, optimization, and evaluate evacuation strategies do technical research. These single ignore the relevance of the many complex relationships, does not satisfy the existing application requirements. In this paper, through the establishment of multi-resolution urban population evacuation model simulation system, using high-resolution, three levels of integration in resolution and low-resolution micro-behavior research, the concept of group behavior analysis and macro decision-making problems. Integrated manner to ensure the entire study was overall consistency, the association between the various levels is no longer ignored. (2) application of agent technology in modeling complex systems. Early adopters mechanism analysis based on the mathematical derivation method is not profound and comprehensive understanding the relationship between the law of motion, and at all levels of the various levels within the system. Main modeling approach (Agent-based Modeling, ABM) as a new intelligent method to study social sciences mentioning, through the the main intelligent autonomous behavior and the main complex interaction between the modeling, bottom-up presents the occurrence of events, the development of evolution of the state change process, in line with a comprehensive understanding of different perspectives from different levels, the process needs of the emergency evacuation of the city. (3) This paper studies the individual behavior of model is different from existing cellular automata, social force model typical microscopic representation model, emphasizing the individual's intelligence and ability to learn, to establish between the individual and the individual, the individual and the environment complex linkages between. At present, the existing model of multi-focus based the body emotional factor of evacuees study to illustrate the intelligence personnel, but little exchange of experience and learning intelligence work for the evacuees, this article is to carry out research in this area. (4) the application of simulation realization. And evacuation simulation software, most architects design buildings design and performance analysis of functional simulation software. The content of this paper carried out the evacuation of the environment to transition from indoor to outdoor, to distinguish it from the local environment of the building interior and outdoor space environment is more complex. Research content ABM combined with GIS technology, intended to reflect the high-resolution, medium-resolution and low-resolution presentation of the massive displacement of population urban evacuation simulation. In view of the evacuation of the domestic and international research has yielded some results, still lack a complete theoretical system and mature product to come out, to carry out multi-resolution urban evacuation study provides a new research approach has the double meaning of the theory and application of.

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