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Study on Reinforcement Mechanism of Rock Bolt to Intermittent Jointed Rock Mass and Application

Author: YangWeiMin
Tutor: LiShuCai
School: Shandong University
Course: Engineering Mechanics
Keywords: Anchor Intermittent joints Rock Bridge Reinforcement Mechanism Large deformation Shear resistance
CLC: TU452
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2009
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The structure plane is rock engineering is different from civil engineering A remarkable feature of other areas, it will rock material cut into continuous medium, so that the problem becomes complicated. Especially the surface of the tiny structures such as joints and fractures, are found in the natural rock, is most common in the project. And this one, and especially the most common intermittent joints, the failure of the destruction of the rock mass is often hosted in one of the native festival grounds to produce new cracks under load, and gradually extended connectivity, ROCK BRIDGE caused. Therefore, the study of intermittent joints rock has practical significance. The bolt as widely used in rock engineering a reinforcement member, the anchoring effect is significant, but its reinforcement mechanism is not very clear, especially anchor intermittent jointed rock mass reinforcement mechanism few studies. Intermittent jointed rock mass and bolt as the research object, by means of laboratory experiments and theoretical analysis to study the mechanism of anchor intermittent jointed rock mass reinforcement. First, based on the large size anchor intermittent joints rock specimens, to carry out a uniaxial compression test. Selected joints length, spacing, connectivity rate and angle four intermittent joints geometric parameters as variables, the anchor for different fracture distribution in the form of rock reinforcement effect. Law of comparative analysis the specimen plus anchor around the crack propagation law as well as the differences in specimen failure mode, the anchor reinforcement intermittent jointed rock mass. Analytic hierarchy process-based approach, the peak intensity of the fractured rock mass increment and Incremental elastic modulus as the objective function, intermittent joints geometrical parameters of the sensitivity of the anchoring effect, to draw sensitive factors affect the anchoring effect order. Analysis of the intermittent jointed rock mass under compression loads, the stress state of the rock bridge, under different stress levels through mode. Depending on the failure mode, were analyzed through the front of the rock bridge, intermittent jointed rock mass shear resistance. ROCK BRIDGE, a native joints newborn crack shear sliding surface, the sliding surface can be seen as a rough joints surface, dilatancy joints role obtained at this time pluton residual shear resistance expression . Bolt through the joint plane will also deformed joints shear dislocation deformation occurs, and then the body of the anchor rod internal forces, the internal forces of reaction in the joints, joints that produce anchor role. First, in considering the anchor near the joint plane tensile deformation, shear deformation, as well as on the basis of local rotation deformation to study the anchorage bolt with the joints deformation changes the role of law. When the anchor near the joint plane in the elastic state, according to the test results, think that the the bolt deformation of the shape of the hyperbolic cosine function, is derived under the combined action of bending moment and axial force to achieve flexibility in a point of the bolt limit, the shear force of the lever body and the axial force. When the anchor near the joint plane in a plastic state, anchor large deformation occurs in the axial force continues to increase. Suppose the bolt material obeys the Tresca yield criterion, draw the shear force and the axial force of the rod bolt failure vivo. Seek shear and axial force together, and work together to cut joints and method to decompose, obtained considering bolt deformation Anchored joint model. Intermittent joints of the mechanical properties of the rock mass with bolt joints of reinforcement mechanism, and taking into account the role of anchor rock bridge reinforcement, anchorage model obtained Anchored intermittent jointed rock mass. ROCK BRIDGE smaller rock material deformation, assuming the anchor and rock deformation coordination, plus the equivalent elastic modulus of the rock anchor, and assuming that the bolt through the joints in the elastic deformation stage, the establishment of Under these conditions, plus anchor intermittent jointed rock mass shear resistance model. ROCK BRIDGE that anchor in the plastic deformation stage, combined with intermittent joints geometric characteristics, and taking into account the role of anchor rough joints reinforced deduced the anchor of intermittent joints rock mass reinforcement model. The established theoretical model is applied the Sarma method for the calculation of slope safety factor. Under stress conditions to determine rock bridge damage in the calculation of the compartmentalization of the stabilizing force, first in the form, and then calculated according to the rock bridge through the destruction of the form of the rock bridge stabilizing force pull shear complex failure or shear failure sliding surface for added the anchor condition can also consider bolt anchoring effect. Engineering application results show that, considering the intermittent jointed rock mass meso destruction and the safety factor of the anchoring effect closer to the objective reality.

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