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Study on the Preparation and Application of New Polymer Materials for Stabilizing Sandy Soil

Author: LiJianFa
Tutor: SongZhanQian
School: Chinese Academy of Forestry
Course: Forestry chemical processing
Keywords: Sulfonated urea-formaldehyde resin Lignosulfonate Sulfite pulping waste Polymer materials Desertification
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2003
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For the higher cost of the shortcomings of the existing sand stabilization material, this departure from urea-formaldehyde resin and pulp industry by-products, such as two types of low-cost raw materials, through appropriate chemical modification, Research Novel Polymer prepared with high stable performance sand sand stable material. Departure from a urea-formaldehyde resin, an innovative way by their low degree of sulfonation, and add a small amount of the melamine modified to improve its water dispersibility and sand stable performance study was prepared sulfonated urea-formaldehyde (SUF) and sulfonated melamine urea formaldehyde (SMUF) two colors of the sulfonated amino-formaldehyde resin. The reforming reaction mechanism, structural units vesting its 13C-NMR spectrum of each peak was analyzed; the preparation process of the resin, hydroxymethyl, sulphonated, polycondensation, and the steps of the reaction main influencing factors are discussed, the appropriate ratio of raw materials and optimize the reaction conditions. Study the influence of the nature of the resin effect of improving its sandy structure, consolidated dry, wet sieving results obtained, that the degree of sulfonation of the resin is preferably in the range of 14.0% to 18.0%. The the thus obtained SMUF168 in its application amount is 0.3% to 20% melamine (representing the ratio by weight of urea) was added in the preparation process of the SUF sand Improved structure to improve performance by more than 50%; sandy gt; 0.25 mm dry state and water stability of aggregates were 48.3% and 42.0%, respectively, on the level of general topsoil. For the first time the application of the stability of the sand, research lignin sulfonate with acrylic monomers graft copolymerization; innovative sulfite pulping waste directly graft copolymerization study. Asked the major factor affecting the modification process selection and dosage of initiator. When the acrylic monomer used in an amount of 80% of the dry weight of the raw materials, the graft copolymer modified can make the lignosulfonate sand structure improved ability to about 3 times, 4 times so that the pulp and waste sand Improved structure ability . Improved structure effect on the binary graft copolymerization of lignin sulfonate, and the pulping liquor and a modified product of sand; consolidated dry, wet sieving analysis results that acrylamide AM, acrylate AA monomers with a ratio of between 60/20 to 80/20 (representing a percentage of the dry weight of the raw materials), as well, when lignosulfonate modified product the SLS-AM60AA20, pulping liquor modified product BSL-AM80AA20 applied The dosage is 0.2%, the sand in dry and water stability of aggregates were respectively 47.1% and 40.0%, 49.8% and 43.1%, reached on the level of the general topsoil. The mechanism of polymer stabilized sand for the first time from the three aspects of the intermolecular forces, the nature of the polymer and the interface role more in-depth discussion, that the combination of anionic groups and sand particles in the dry state is stronger than the non-ionic groups , but the content of anionic groups too will reduce the polymer treated sand lt; WP = gt; water stability; put forward innovative bonding theory to explain the stabilizing effect of the polymer in the dry state of sand . The sand structure developed the SMUF168 sample improved performance / cost ratio 130.4% (dry, wet 104.6%) was significantly higher than that of commercially available materials and other home-made samples; of BSL-AM80AA20 sample the dry performance / cost ratio (102.0%) slightly higher than the best commercially available materials anionic polyacrylamide (APAM, 100.0%) has highlighted the expected environmental and social benefits, and the use of waste harmless. Simulation of wind erosion resistance test showed that, when SMUF168 application rate to 25 gm 2, BSL-AM80AA20 application amount of 20 gm-2 sand can withstand the wind speed of 22.0 ms-1 strong wind erosion; site application test showed that, in this application the amount of under sand and stability is better than the APAM application rate was 10 gm-2 when the effect at this time the material application SMUF168 costs accounted for only 65.5% of APAM. .

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