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Study on Deng Xiaoping Socialist Essence Theory

Author: ZhuZhe
Tutor: ChenBingGong
School: Jilin University
Course: Political Theory
Keywords: Deng Xiaoping's socialist The nature of socialism Essence and Theory What is socialism Develop the productive forces Firm conviction in socialism The essence of socialism Theory of scientific socialism Liberate the productive forces Marx and Engels
CLC: A849
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2004
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Since The Communist Manifesto was published about one hundred years ago, socialism not only experienced from fantasy to science, ideal to practice, one-country practice to multi-country practice, but also encountered many setbacks, serious frustration and temporary failure such as falling apart of Soviet Union and dramatic change of East Europe. The rise and decline during the world socialist development, same as the success and failure of our country’s socialist construction, are related with people’s understanding to socialism in some extent. Therefore, from historical lessons, knowing clearly the essential theory problem “what is socialism, and how to construct socialism” and deepening the understanding to socialist career and developing law are very meaningful to further advance the building of socialism with Chinese characteristics and rejuvenate socialist career in the scope of world, especially in the current moment when peace and development has become world topic. “What is socialism, and how to construct socialism” is the essential theory question that is proposed and thought repeatedly during the new revolution process of De Xiaoping’s leading on reform and opening-up and modernization. To make this problem clear, the key point is to further distinguish the socialist essence on the basis of persisting in socialist basic system.In accordance with Marxism basic principle and long-time practice and exploration to socialism, De Xiaoping socialist essence theory is proposed.Firstly, proposal of De Xiaoping socialist essence theory is aimed at the <WP=187>reality that we do not know what is socialism. General principle of scientific socialism is clear, but if these principles are used in practice, especially in the socialist practice of eastern countries with backward economy and culture, many questions are not clear. From fantasy to science, from theory to reality, from prosperity of socialism to falling apart and dramatic change of Soviet Union and East Europe’s socialist countries, there is one question is not solved in socialism, that is, what is socialism and whether it has future. According to this reality, Deng Xiaoping proposed sharply the question “what is socialism” and answered the question with socialist essence theory.Secondly, proposal of Deng Xiaoping socialist essence theory is based on the historical lessons of our country’s socialism. Chinese socialist construction does not copy the pattern of Soviet Union completely and it has its own characteristics. But because of no deep understanding to what is socialism, insisting on high-concentrated planned economy in ownership and ignoring productive force’s development, socialist career in our country suffered great losses. Deng Xiaoping generalized socialist essence after concluding socialist construction lessons in China. Thirdly, proposal of Deng Xiaoping socialist essence theory draws lessons from success and failure of Soviet Union and East Europe’s socialist countries. Lenin proposed some good theories, such as new economy policy and so on, but owe to his early death, his theory of how to construct socialism did not complete. Stalin proceeded economy construction for thirty years and formed “Stalin Pattern”. But it was proved that there were many disadvantages in Stalin Pattern, which made vigorous socialist practice rigid and inflexible. One of the main reasons that led to dramatic change of East Europe and falling apart of Soviet Union was economy did not develop well and people’s life could not be promoted. Therefore, in Deng Xiaoping’s view, if socialist countries do not develop productive force and economic development is always in the low speed, standard of people’s life will be difficult to promote, which will result in the loss of people’s support. This is not only an economic problem, but also a political problem. <WP=188>Fourthly, proposal of Deng Xiaoping socialist essence theory is based on the historical situation that peace and development has become topic of modern time. Understanding accurately

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