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Pharmaceutical Analysis Application of Choromatographic Technology

Author: WangJie
Tutor: FangYuZhi;HePinGang
School: East China Normal University
Course: Analytical Chemistry
Keywords: Pharmaceutical Analysis Progress High Performance Liquid Chromatography Capillary Electrophoresis Detector Pharmaceutical Quality Control Determination of in vivo drug HPLC Levodopa methyl ester Levodopa Hydrolysis Rate constant Activation energy Electrochemical detector Tyrosine 3 - methoxy- tyrosine Analysis of raw materials Pharmaceutical preparations Sulfadiazine Ephedrine hydrochloride Content determination Compound sulfadiazine nasal drops Method Validation F-test Amperometric d
CLC: TQ460.7
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2005
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Chapter 1 Introduction First briefly the history, mission, and trends of drug analysis, drug analysis used two chromatographic analysis method, high performance liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis principles, characteristics, and detector were simple introduction. The need for drug quality control, the sources and types of drug impurities. High performance liquid chromatography in drug quality control, especially in the control of impurities; comprehensive overview of capillary electrophoresis in drug quality control and in vivo drug analysis. HPLC method introduced in a variety of clinical medicine, and other aspects of the application; capillary electrophoresis - amperometric detection in drug quality control, and analysis of in vivo drug applications. This chapter Citation 185. Chapter II HPLC study of levodopa methyl ester hydrolysis rate constant of levodopa methyl ester hydrochloride is a highly water-soluble prodrug, the for levodopa or multiple carboxylase inhibitor therapy ineffective, therapeutic Paar Parkinson's disease. Before new products to market, detailed kinetic studies on the molecular level of the new drugs, provide quantitative data of the influencing factors of the reaction rate constant, master of temperature, pH, solvent, drug stability in pharmaceutical preparations, storage avoid its degradation plays an important role, as well as the analysis process. The first to study the hydrolysis kinetics of levodopa methyl ester in the temperature range of 37 to 75 ° C ,0.05-1 .5 mol / L hydrochloric acid solution. Isocratic HPLC analysis method at the same time detection of levodopa methyl ester and its hydrolyzate levodopa, has been a series of hydrolysis rate constant and the concentration of hydrogen ions and the influence of temperature on the hydrolysis reaction. The study found that the low temperature, pH is a key influence factors, but as the temperature rises, the temperature of the hydrolysis reaction gradually become the main influencing factors, the reaction rate constant of pseudo-first-order equation calculated using the Arrhenius equation levodopa methyl ester hydrolysis in the 0.5,1.0,1.5 mol / L hydrochloric acid solution in the activation energy 71.24,74.32 and 76.57 kJ / mol, respectively. Chapter HPLC determination of the content and purity of the raw materials and preparation of levodopa methyl ester and its isomer of chiral split levodopa methyl ester in optically active form for clinical, if the presence in the form of a racemic clinical application, dopa methyl ester easily plasma esterase hydrolysis into dopa, which contains half the amount of no activity

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