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An Experimental Study on the Mechanism Controlling Trace Metal Distribution in Surface Water during Water/Colloid Interactoins

Author: YuWenHui
Tutor: LiuCongQiang
School: Institute of Geochemistry
Course: Environmental Geochemistry
Keywords: Hydrated iron oxide (HFO) Adsorption / remove role Dissolving the ligand Differentiation Species distribution Water / colloidal role Y negative anomalies Ce positive anomaly
CLC: X52
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2005
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Differentiation between light and heavy rare earth elements in water, are some of the elements have the same tariff and has approximately the same ionic radius of (eg Y 3 / sup> / Ho 3 , Zr 4 / Hf 4 , Nb / Ta 5 ) differentiation, Ce anomalies and REE four of the heavy effect exists and causes and different factors control mechanism constitutes the core scientific issues of water rare earth elements and other trace metals geochemical studies, our reasonable interpretation of an important theoretical basis of changes in the composition of surface water REE and other trace metals. Study of the role of water / particle interface is a lot of work, but little research has colloidal or other particles of REE and high-cations (Zr, Hf, Nb and Ta) assay also failed to existing experimental The different control factors (such as pH, solution media types, inorganic and organic ligands, etc.), the control mechanism of the system. In this paper, through a series of batch experiments, quantitative studies of hydrated iron oxide (HFO) in different solution medium under the conditions of the divalent (the of Cu 2 ) the trivalent (Ln 3 ) tetravalent (Zr 4 cation the Hf 4 ), and pentavalent (Nb 5 , Ta 5 ) The adsorption / remove role, focus on the dissolution of the ligand and pH affect the water / colloidal role light and heavy rare earth and Y-Ho, Zr-Hf and Nb-Ta elements on the impact of the different behavior between points and simulate rare earth elements solution in the form of distribution. The results show that: the morphology of trace metal elements adsorbed on the HFO HFO generated kinetic characteristics controlled dynamics, the solution of medium conditions (including the pH, electrolyte, and dissolving the ligand, the adsorbent and adsorbate concentration and adsorbate distribution, etc.) is the main factor of the impact of trace metals in water / colloid; rare earth element distribution coefficient in the water / colloidal role process and show different distribution patterns influenced by different factors, but there are negative anomalies of the Y, and lower pH under positive Ce anomalies in the CO 3 2 - , humic acid and SO 4 2 - , PO 4 3 - under the partition coefficient of rare earth elements were presented LREE enrichment and heavy REE enrichment distribution mode, REE mechanism of action on the HFO is the result of the combined effect of ion exchange and characteristic adsorption; in the pH range of natural bodies of water, Zr, Hf and Nb, Ta in the adsorption / co-precipitation process occurs fractionation, but showed relatively inert behavior and showed better consistency, indicating the the geochemical twin pairs behavior. The results of the study provide an experimental basis for a reasonable interpretation of the surface waters of rare earth and other trace metals distribution changes in diversity.

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