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  1. The Geochemical Indication of Fe, Mn and S in Recent Lacustrine Sediments on Yun-Gui Plateau,LuoShaSha/Institute of Geochemistry,0/284
  2. Weathering and Pedogenesis of Karst Catchments, Behavior of Mineral Elements and Environmental Quality,SongZhaoLiang/Institute of Geochemistry,1/365
  3. Sedimentology and Geochemistry of the Early Cambrian Black Rock Series in the Hunan-Guizhou Area, China,ChenLan/Institute of Geochemistry,16/791
  4. Experimental Study on Electrical Conductivities of upper Mantle Minerals and Rocks under High Temperature, High Pressure, and Different Oxygen Fugacity Conditions,DaiLiDong/Institute of Geochemistry,0/179
  5. Different Scales of Variation Analysis of Landscape Pattern and Its Spatial Factor for Karst Rocky Desertification,TanQiu/Institute of Geochemistry,1/669
  6. Biogeochemistry of Organochlorine Pollutants in Hongfeng Reservoir,WeiZhongQing/Institute of Geochemistry,1/423
  7. Mercury Exchange Fluxes between Soil and Air in Mercuriferous Belts,WangShaoFeng/Institute of Geochemistry,1/360
  8. Soil Biogeochemical Characteristics in the Process of Karst Rocky Desertification,LuHongMei/Institute of Geochemistry,0/531
  9. Geochemical Relationship between Tin Mineralization and A-type Granite,LiZhaoLi/Institute of Geochemistry,1/582
  10. Transference and Transform of Fluoride and Aluminum in the System of Soil-tea Plants-tea Liquor and Probing into the Prevention from Brick-tea Fluorosis,LiuXiaoJing/Institute of Geochemistry,3/524
  11. Study on Hydrologic Adaptation Response of Plants and Its Stable Isotope in Karst Rocky Desertification,RongLi/Institute of Geochemistry,3/547
  12. Chronology, Geochemistry and Geodynamic Significance of the Mafic-ultramafic Rocks in Fujian Province Since Late Mesozoic,ZhangGuiShan/Institute of Geochemistry,3/491
  13. Feature and Sources of Ore-Forming Fluid in the Huize Lead-Zinc Ore Deposits, Yunnan Province, China,ZhangZhenLiang/Institute of Geochemistry,2/592
  14. Geochemistry of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic Mafic Dikes and the Lithosphere Revolution from the Coastal Areas of Guangdong Province and Hainan Island, China,CaoJianJin/Institute of Geochemistry,0/343
  15. Organic Carbon Content and Carbon Isotope Composition of Soil from Typical Terrestrial Ecosystem of Guizhou Province,ZhuShuFa/Institute of Geochemistry,5/845
  16. The Geochimcal Character and Environmental Effect of Rare Earth Elements in Lakes, upper and Lower Reaches of Yangtze River, China,ZhuZhaoZhou/Institute of Geochemistry,2/463
  17. The Relationship between the Distribution of the Igneous Rocks and the Oil and Gas in Tazhong Area,ChenYeQuan/Institute of Geochemistry,2/557
  18. Case Studies of the Water Environmental Geochemistry of Mines in Guizhou Province,ZhangGuoPing/Institute of Geochemistry,3/615
  19. The Evolution of the Mid-Proterozoic-Triassic Sedimentary Basin and the Element Geochemical Background of Strata in SW Margin of the Yangtze Block,XiaoJiaFei/Institute of Geochemistry,0/738
  20. Effects of Dams on the Biogeochemical Cycles of Nutrients in the Wujiang River,ZhuJun/Institute of Geochemistry,7/320
  21. Environment Geochemistry Character of ~7Be and ~(210)Pb in Surface Air at Central Guizhou, China,YangWei/Institute of Geochemistry,0/164
  22. A Study of Radon Level and Its Health Effects to People in Underground Buildings in China,LiXiaoYan/Institute of Geochemistry,4/464
  23. The Biogeochemical Cycles of Nutrients of Shallow Lakes in the Middle and Lower Reaches of Yangtse River, China,LiJun/Institute of Geochemistry,7/1050
  24. Geochemical Characteristics of Cycling of Substances in Karstic Ground Water System,LangZuoChao/Institute of Geochemistry,4/914
  25. Environmental Geochemistry of Mercury in Typical Hg-Mined Areas, Guizhou Province,ChouGuangLe/Institute of Geochemistry,20/742
  26. Development of Oxygen Fugacity Sensor for High Temperature-High Pressure Hydrothermal Systems,XuLiPing/Institute of Geochemistry,0/163
  27. Characterization of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Airborne Particles, Waters and Soils in Guiyang City,HuJian/Institute of Geochemistry,6/775
  28. Ore Deposit Geochemistry of the Fule Dispersed Element-Polymetallic Deposit, Yunnan Province,SiRongJun/Institute of Geochemistry,10/272
  29. Study on Environmental Geochemistry of Arsenic in Chinese Coals,WangMingShi/Institute of Geochemistry,1/533
  30. Geochemistry of Lamprophyres in the Baimazhai Nickel Deposit, Yunnan Province, China: Implications for Their Origin,GuanTao/Institute of Geochemistry,1/276
  31. Characteristics and Model for Shuiyindong Gold Deposit in Southwestern Guizhou, China,XiaYong/Institute of Geochemistry,11/360
  32. Geochemistry and Ore-Formation of the Gejiu Super-large Tin-polymetallic Deposit,ZhangHuan/Institute of Geochemistry,4/537
  33. The Interaction between Microalgae and Trace Metals in Plateau Lakes and the Simulating Experiment,WangBaoLi/Institute of Geochemistry,4/417
  34. An Experimental Study on the Mechanism Controlling Trace Metal Distribution in Surface Water during Water/Colloid Interactoins,YuWenHui/Institute of Geochemistry,1/204
  35. The impact of the reservoir on the Wujiang river mercury biogeochemical cycles,JiangHongMei/Institute of Geochemistry,14/375
  36. Determining and Modeling the Free Concentrations of Heavy Metals Ions in Soil and Controlling the Pollution in Situ,YiLi/Institute of Geochemistry,1/487
  37. Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Geochemistry of Karst Groundwater in City,LiSiLiang/Institute of Geochemistry,2/656
  38. Development of Lunar Soil Simulants and Characteristics of Microwave Radiation of Lunar Regolith,ZhengYongChun/Institute of Geochemistry,19/583
  39. The Cenozoic Alkali-rich Igneous Rocks, Western Yunnan and Their Relation with Metallogenesis of Gold,WuKaiXing/Institute of Geochemistry,3/244
  40. Formation of Phosphorite Deposit, Breakup of Rodinia Supercontinent and Biology Explosion,ShiChunHua/Institute of Geochemistry,3/455
  41. An Experimental Study on Kinetic Oxidation-dissolution and Reactive Transference of Thallium Minerals in Hypergene Condition,LiDeXian/Institute of Geochemistry,4/168
  42. Dissolved Organic Matter in Natural Aquatic Environments and Its Complexation with Metal Ions: A Study Based on Fluorescence Spectroscopy,FuPingQing/Institute of Geochemistry,16/1739
  43. Geochemical Characteristics and Tectonic Setting of Neoproterozoic Mafic-ultramafic Rocks in Western Margin of the Yangtze Craton--Exampled by the Gaojiacun Complex and Lengshuiqing No.101 Complex,ZhuWeiGuang/Institute of Geochemistry,4/324
  44. Principles and Methods of Reflectance Spectroscopy and Thermal Emission and Their Application to Lunar Exploration,ZuoTao/Institute of Geochemistry,1/559
  45. Studies on the Management and System Integration Based on XML/Web Services for the Lunar Exploration,ZuoWei/Institute of Geochemistry,3/561
  46. Study of Enviromental Geochemical Baseline of Pollutional Heavy Metals in Surficial Soil of Guiyang, Guizhou,WangJi/Institute of Geochemistry,24/1442
  47. Study on Environmental Geochemistry of Fluorine in Chinese Coals,WuDaiShe/Institute of Geochemistry,4/513
  48. The Geochemical Process of Stable Carbonic Isotopic Evolution in Karst Cave System and Its Environmental Meanings,LiTingYu/Institute of Geochemistry,4/545
  49. The Enriching-mechanism of Selenium of Cambrian and Permian Silicalite Formation in the Peripheral Margins of Yangtze Block,FengCaiXia/Institute of Geochemistry,1/262
  50. The deep fluid petrophysical its seismic geological significance,DuJianGuo/Institute of Geochemistry,0/389

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