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Study on the Function Words of the Juyan(居延) Bamboo Slips

Author: ZhangGuoYan
Tutor: ZhanZuoZuo
School: East China Normal University
Course: Chinese Philology
Keywords: The Juyan (居延) Bamboo Slips of the Han Dynasty the function words nature development
CLC: H141
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2005
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The Juyan (居延) Bamboo Slips of the Han Dynasty were unearthed in Juyan beacon site, which were administrative literature-archives recorded by the Juyan and Jianshui (肩水) military officers in Han Dynasty. They were garrison documents of Han’s frontier fortress mostly, others were books, the system of calendar, private letters and so on. The content of them were very colorful, not only recorded garrison campaigns, the history of prosperity and decline of Juyan, but also preserved many important documents from middle Western Han Dynasty to early Eastern Han Dynasty. They have higher value in science, history and cultural relic, which make the study of Bamboo and Wooden Slips become a sort of international learning.The study of Juyan Bamboo Slips of the Han Dynasty have been acquired many import achievements. However, the research of language and character on Juyan Bamboo Slips of the Han Dynasty, especially for linguistics is very weak. Most of Juyan Bamboo Slips of the Han Dynasty belong to the documents of garrison and were mainly used in oral language. They are invaluable for studying linguistic in view of their clear division of dynasty and huge amount.Chinese function words have great effects on grammar structure, and are important instrument of grammar. Traditional Chinese linguistics and contemporary linguists always attach importance to the study of function words. The thesis describes the function words generally in Juyan Bamboo Slips of the Han Dynasty by means of exhaustive inquiry and quantitative investigations, so as to really reflect the whole visage of Juyan Bamboo Slips of the Han Dynasty, and endeavors to open out the rules of grammar in it with basing on full describe.The essay is divided into two pasts.The first part is basic part. Firstly, it introduces the style of this thesis, describes the material, the purpose and method of the study. Then it narrates the standard for distinguishing the function words and other correlative parts of speech. Moreover, it describes the whole visage of Juyan Bamboo Slips of the Han Dynasty. Secondly, it takes parts of speech as the key link; fully describe the pronoun, adverb, preposition, conjunction, modal particle, auxiliary word and affix. Every chapter usually puts into four parts: case study, grammar function, theinheritance and development of function words, brief summary. This article fully inquires the characteristic of distributing, and identifies the using frequency and grammar function with some forms. Further more, this essay utilizes the production which have already possessed by the academe to do synchronic analysis and diachronic comparison, points out its status in the history of Chinese development.There are 252 function words and 4 affixes in Juyan Bamboo Slips of the Han Dynasty. Just because most of them are garrison documents and have little dialogue, so there are few of personal pronouns, modal particles and exclamations. Adverb is the biggest part in amount among the function words, secondly are preposition, conjunction.The function words in Juyan Bamboo Slips of the Han Dynasty mostly inherited the Chinese of the Pre-qin, only 35 had come into being in Han Dynasty. If only judging from the number of function words, they were almost the same as the Chinese in the Pre-qin, but in case of the usage of every kind of function words, the component of development was distinct. Comparing with the Chinese of the Pre-qin, every kind of part of speech had a lot of change and development. The function words inherited the Chinese of the Pre-qin had great vitality. They wrer not only used in Han Dynasty, but also used even in modern Chinese. Therefore, we agree that the Pre-qin and Han Dynasty are different stages raised by Mrs. He Leshi.The second part is described separately. We tide up some characteristic function words into five single articles. As follows:"Nai (乃)" and "Nai (逎) " in Juyan Bamboo Slips of the Han Dynasty: The usages of "Nai (乃)" and "Nai (逎) "were different in Juyan Bamboo Slips of the Han Dynasty, "Nai (73)" mostly was used as a adverb, and "Nai (31) "was used as a demonstrative pronouns. However, both of the publishing defining words and some study composing of Juyan Bamboo Slips of the Han Dynasty can’t distinguish them to the core.A Research of the Usages of "Bing (並)","Bing (并) " and Correlative Words in Juyan Bamboo Slips of the Han Dynasty: The usages of "Bing (並)" and "Bing (并) "were different in Juyan Bamboo Slips of the Han Dynasty. "Bing (並)" mostly were used in name and "Bing (并) " mostly were used as a adverb. Some published defining words of Juyan Bamboo Slips of the Han Dynasty interpreted them as "Bing (并) ".some interpreted them as "Bing (並)" or "Bing (并) "without infinite item. There would appear some wrong comprehensions for the meaning of Bamboo Slips if we don’t differentiate between them. So this paper writes up the usage of these two characters in Juyan Bamboo Slips of the Han Dynasty, strives to find

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