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Life experience study of the teaching of reading in primary schools

Author: WeiZuo
Tutor: ZhaoChengFu
School: Shandong Normal University
Course: Principles of Education
Keywords: reading teaching researching lived experience the interpretation of texts teaching behaviors in class reflective practice personal practical knowledge
CLC: G623.2
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2006
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This thesis presents the study on the transition of normal formulas and the teaching ofreading in primary school Chinese teaching by means of daily experience, aiming atpresenting the typical scenes systematically in the process of reading teaching at theprimary school in which the author carries on the study. Along with the presentation ofthose typical scenes and some important events in reading classes, several problems alsoemerge constantly, among which the core one is that the interpretation of texts isinfluenced by the quality of the Chinese teacher and that the effect of reading teaching isinfluenced by the teacher’s teaching behavior. Some of these problems have been solvedunder the researcher’s involvement, while the other problems are the author’s furtherrational considerations, reflections, and explorations. This study aims to provide boththeoretical and practical evidence for the cognition and interpretation of reading teachingin primary schools and then to promote the transition of research normal formulas insubject didactics. Therefore, the researcher and author has observed and studied on severalprimary school Chinese teachers. This thesis can be divided into the following parts:The first part introduces the basic conception of the teaching of reading at primaryschools. This conception also helps to comprehend and analyze the typical scenes andimportant events selected from the teaching experiences of the teachers. This part mainlyintroduces what primary school reading teaching should be. This conception is thedirection and guidance for primary school reading teaching, and also it’s the accumulationand generalization of the teaching experience of primary school Chinese teachers. Theauthor introduces this conception from the following aspects: first of all, it has beenclarified that language is the basis of reading teaching but pupils’ language learningprocess should be directed by the teacher with abundant techniques and feelings. Secondly,primary school reading teaching and learning should be a process of conversationsenlightened and guided by the teacher, in order to show that the conversations areconditional and selective and are based on texts. Lastly, it has been emphasized that thelong-term goal of primary school reading teaching is to cultivate the interest of the pupilsand to help them form good reading habits.The second part is about the Chinese teachers’ interpretation of the texts, whichfocuses on the ability of Chinese teachers to design the teaching process of reading. Theauthor uses several typical teaching fragments in reading classes to reveal some problemsof the teachers while interpreting the texts. The biggest problem is that the teachers lackthe ability to change the potential texts into real ones, i.e., the ability to activate the texts.And then the author tries to find out the causes of the problems by means of interviews withthe teachers and self-reflection by the teachers themselves. The cause to be discussed in thethesis is that the teachers are not good at complementing or expatiating the texts, and the evenmore important cause is that the teachers lack exchanges and conversations with the texts.Supported by the analysis of the causes, the author provides several strategies for readingteachers to improve the ability of interpreting the texts.The third part is the analysis of the teachers’ teaching behaviors in reading classes,which focuses on the teaching process of reading. Teaching is a process of changing thestudents’ behavioral modes according to the teachers’. Therefore the teachers’ teachingbehaviors in reading classes are the bases of stimulating students’ interest in reading,leading the students to converse with the texts, and cultivating the students’ reading abilityand habits. In this part the author first discusses the teachers’ scheduled behaviors inteaching of reading, including the designing of the teaching goals, processes, and results,which can represent the value orientation of the teachers while designing. Then the authoremphasizes the common teaching behaviors in reading classes, including narrations,dialogues, and recitations. According to the different teaching behaviors in the class, theauthor analyses the value of these usual behaviors to reading teaching and the applying forconditions and tragedies of the reading behaviors in this part.The fourth part mainly talks about the school life of Chinese teachers. The topic todiscuss in this part has not been limited in primary school reading teaching, but it has beenexpanded to the school life of the teachers. The author presents the teachers’ experiencesand behaviors in school life and tries to analyze them instructively. The level and quality ofthe teaching of reading is closely related to the quality of school life of the teachers. Toobserve the state of the teachers in daily life is one of the main ideas of the researchinglived experience. This part mainly presents the teachers’ daily teaching life and teachingreform life. These two kinds of life are both opposite and unitive, in which the teachers areable to reflect on their own teaching life, to look for opportunities to progressprofessionally, and to become capable and qualified Chinese teachers in the background ofteaching reform and development.After the systematic observations and analyses of reading teaching experiences, in thefifth part the author shows the progress of primary school Chinese teachers—from self-ease toself-reflection. The development of primary school Chinese teachers is the key point ofpromoting the quality of the teaching of reading. The author has observed the process ofgaining the practical knowledge by the Chinese teachers and has found that the teachers’practical knowledge exists in a natural state without being examined and updated. Theauthor suggests that primary school Chinese teachers should open their practical knowledge,change the life mode of self-ease to self-reflection, take part in the professional subject study,and band together teaching, reflection, writing and theory learning closely.Lastly, in the part of conclusion the author briefly introduces the intention, the resultand the characteristics of the study and explains the cause of choosing the method ofresearching lived experience in her study.

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