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Pharmacological Study on Active Fraction and Study on Chemical Constituents of Dryopteris Fragrans (L.) Schott

Author: ZhangYanLong
Tutor: KuangHaiXue
School: Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Of Pharmacy
Keywords: dryopteris fragrans(L.) schott rheumatoid arthritis active fraction pharmacological action chemical comstituents
CLC: R284
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2006
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Dryopteris fragrans(L.) schott, a deciduous perennial herb in dryopteris family of dryopteris genus, grows in sloping land with stones of high cold area and forest, or in the cracks of magma near the volcano, chiefly distributes in Wu-da-lian-chi of Heilongjiang province, in the Bai-ka-shou mountain of Ta-he town in Heilongjiang, in alpine region of Da-bai Mountain, specially in the north area of Xiao-xing-an-ling mountain. The Dryopteris fragrans(L.) schott which grows in Wu-da-lian-chi has the strongest activity, which may relate to the special geographical environments of the area. According to the folk remedy of north Chinese, the Dryopteris fragrans(L.) schott can treat all kinds of skin diseases and arthritis, such as psoriasis, rash, dermatitis, athlete’s foot, dry skin and etc;they have obvious curative effects for psoriasis and arthritis. The inhabitant in northern Heilongjiang regards the Dryopteris fragrans(L.) schott as an unbeatable rival to skin diseases, painting water suspension of boiled dryopteris fragrans(L.) schott to affected parts of skin for treatment.As a traditional Chinese medicine, the Dryopteris fragrans(L.) schott was studied on treatment of psoriasis and on anti-fungi these days. However, The system study on dryopteris fragrans(L.) schott’s active intergradient and pharmacology for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis wasn’t reported in China. In order to determine the effect parts for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and to make sure further the active intergradient within the effect parts, dryopteris fragrans(L.) schott water extracts was eluted with water and ethyl alcohol in three different concentration (30%, 60%, 95%) in macroporous resin. Then the four eluates were screened and studied as the active fraction for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, which influence on IL-1β、 TNF and synovium was investigated by microscope technology, biochemistry and immune-his-chemistry technology. Moreover, the treatment function of dryopteris fragrans(L.) schott on rheumatoid arthritis was investigated initially. It indicated that both 30% alcohol eluate and water eluate have remarkable therapeutic action on rheumatoid arthritis, between them, 30% alcohol eluate has the best effect. Therefore, 30% alcohol elute of dryopteris fragrans(L.) schott decided as major active fraction for the R.A. treatment and its chemical ingredients were isolated.26 chemicals were isolated from the decided effect part through silica gel column, ODS column, Sephadex LH-20 column and HPLC chromatography. Furthermore, chemical structures of 16 chemicals were identified by chromatography and chemical methods, including 4 sesqutierpenoids, 1 iridoid, 6 lignins, 2 phenylpropanoids, 3 other glycosides. 7 new chemicals among the 16 chemicals identified were confirmed. And it is the first time that the other 9 chemicals were found in the plant of dryopteris genus . The 7 new chemicals were named separately as fragranoside A, fragranoside B , fragranosideC, fragranoside D, fragranoside E , fragranoside F, fragranoside G. The other 8 were known chemicals were Geniposide, (7R,8S) -dmydrodehydrodiconiferylalcohol-9’-O-a-L-rhaEmnoside3S,5R,6R,7E, 9S-tetrahydroxy-en-3-O-|3-D-glucopyranoside, (7S, 8R) -dihydrodehydrodiconiferyl alcohol 9’-O-p-glucoside^ (6S,9R)-3-oxo-a-ionol-9-O-p-D-glucopyranoside, (7S, 8R) -dihydrodehydrodiconiferylalcohol-9-O-p-glucoside,(+)-pinoresinol-O-P-D-glucopyranoside, 4,7,9,9’- tetrah- ydroxy-3,3’-dimethoxy-8-O-4’-P-D-glucopyranoside , which were also discovered for the first time in Dryopteris oThrough pharmacological study on the active fraction of dryopteris fragrans(L.) schott for R. A. treatment and study on chemical ingredients, in this paper, the pharmacological action of active fraction of the plant dryopteris fragrans(L) schott for R.A. treatment and effect substances were further clarified, which deliver the study and research of dryopteris fragrans(L.) schott used for R. A. medicine with important references. In a word, this research will have inspiring prospects and significant application. This program is supported by Heilongjiang Province Natural Science Fund.

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