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Alienation · cross · blending

Author: HeZuo
Tutor: ZhouBin
School: Fudan University
Course: Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords: the modern writer early movie the action on movie tradition of Shadow Play cinematic narrative
CLC: J909.2
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2006
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"The Chinese modern writer and the early movie" is the study on writer, the study on movie, the research on media, the culture and the history. This article will involves many fields, such as Chinese modern literature, filmology , cultural science, histology and sociology, it will adopt the synthesis, the real diagnosis research strategy, will reorganize, method and so on induction, comparison using the historical data, will develop the course take the time in movie as the ordinate axis, take the different time writer’ s movie activity as the research main body, will develop the relations to the modern writer and the early movie to carry on thorough careful combs, the analysis and the elaboration, This article points out: The modern writer always by the positive initiative posture, enhanced the cultural personal status of Chinese in the early movie theory, the movie moral character, the screenplay creation, the movie directed, the movie criticism and so on. At the movie artistic technique aspect, has led to the literature theory and the literature creation technique and the literature achievement absorption, the modern writer’s sense of mission and the traditional writer provided relief the spirit also in to obtain the very good realization by paper writing to in the phantom writing transformation, the Chinese early movie heavy social function, has been strong in narrates as well as take the realism as the creation principle characteristic formation, is related with the modern writer’ s participation.This article composes five chapters. First chapter "introduction: The writer ’receives an electric shock ’ and other ". the writer and the movie relations history, this topic research present situation has made the introduction, involves the related concept to the paper in to carry on the limits, and expounds the research mentality, the method, the innovation andthe total argument. Second chapter: "deviation: The modern writer with initiates the time China movie". Through to movie development initial period general picture outlining, "the popular literature writer will enter the movie" to place in the overall overhead construction which the social culture and the movie will develop, will inspect sends the writer primarily popular literature writer and the early movie connection by the mandarin duck butterfly, thought sparsely will leave in the new-vernacular literature writer and the movie under the overall situation, the popular literature writer in the long piece photography, the movie type development, will take the endeavor which movie aspect and so on entertainment function and commercial characteristic will do, its involvement will make to initiate the time movie to present bright "the cinema view" in the content and nationality the characteristic. Third chapter: "Overlapping: Under writer attention and influence 30’s movie". By left-wing writer’ s movie activity primarily, big "the soft movie" and "the rigid movie" the debate carries on the thorough analysis to the important writer’s movie activity and the influence, pointed out the left-wing literary and artistic movement enters the role to the writer which the movie domain plays. As the world movie history in one kind of special phenomenon, the modern writer enters the movie massively in the 30’ s, in the movie function limits, the movie reflected the subject aspect had to the movie development rectifies, strengthened the early movie realism mainstream creation tendency. Fourth chapter is the "fusion: The writer develops the function at the 40’ s movies". Explained the writer in the novel, the play movie reorganizes the endeavor which the aspect does, but produces "the family" by the intellectual sense of hardship, "the country" related, causes in the creation to manifest the humanities movie the prominent characteristic, "the cinema" the tradition obtains further strengthens. Fifth chapter is the conclusion, analyzing theroot of the manner change of modern writer in three stages of early movie, it points out: the relation between writer and the movie takes on "deviation’’, "overlapping", and "fusion", because the consciousness and the awareness of unexpected development under the cultural psychology in the different stage influence the writer’ s idea on movie, and the movie function understanding; At the same time, the movie charming , from "vaudeville" to "art" the development and the movie the more and more vital role which manifests in the social life, all intensely attracts the writers sight. The research on the relation between modern writer and the early movie, might drive the contemporary writer to part in movie, and provide some beneficial enlightenment for the future China movie development.

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