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Research on High Spin States in ~(137)La、~(138)Pr and ~(98)Sr Nuclei

Author: LiMingLiang
Tutor: ZhuShengJiang
School: Tsinghua University
Course: Physics
Keywords: high-spin states collective backbending oblate band GM doublet signature inversion
CLC: O571.2
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2006
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As one of the forefront fields in nuclear physics, research on high spin states can provide valuable information about nuclear structure, nuclear shape, and nucleon coupling and so on. The major content in this dissertation is the research on the high spin states of 137La, 138Pr and 98Sr.The experiments of 137La and 138Pr were performed at HI-13 Beijing Tandem Accelerator in China Institute of Atomic Energy. The high-spin states in 137La and 138Pr were populated with heavy-ion fusion reactions 130Te(11B, 4n)136La at a bean energy of 50 MeV and 128Te(14N, 4n)138Pr at a bean energy of 64 MeV, respectively. Theγ-γcoincidence measurements were carried out using an array of fourteen Compton-suppressed Ge detectors in both the experiments. Approximately 3.6×108 and 2.3×108 coincidence events were collected, respectively.The level scheme of 137La has been expanded with spin up to 33/2(?) . All the levels and transitions above the 15/2- level, including 27 levels and 37 transitions, were newly identified. Four new bands have been found in the nucleus. In the collective band based on the 17/2- level, whose configuration is assigned asπd5/2(?)νd3/2-1h11/2-1, a collective backbending has been observed at a rotational frequency of(?)ω≈0.48 MeV. From systematic comparison and cranked shell model (CSM) calculations, the collective backbending probably originates from the alignment of a pair of protons. The band built on 25/2- level with strong M1 transitions is proposed as a collective oblate band withγ≈-60°.For 138Pr, the new level scheme has been established. According to systematic comparison, the spins of the yrast band have been newly assigned. Five oblate bands were identified, and two of them were newly observed. We analyzed the signature inversion and aligned angular momentum ofπh11/2(?)νh11/2 band. Based on cranked shell model (CSM) calculations andsystematic comparison, the backbending ofπh11/2(?)νh11/2 band originates probably by the alignment of protons. The moments of inertial of five oblate bands were analyzed, and their possible configurations were proposed.Rotational bands in neutron-rich 98Sr nucleus have been investigated by measuring high-fold promptγ-ray coincidence events of the spontaneous fission of 252Cf with the Gammasphere detector array. A deformed K=3 band built on 1838 keV level has been confirmed and extended. Another deformed K=6 band based on 2535 keV level has been established. Both bands originate most probably from theν9/2[404](?)ν3/2[411] two-quasiparticle configuration withΩ=|Ω12| andΩ=|Ω12|, respectively. These two bands form the so-called Gallagher-Moszkowski (GM) doublet. The moments of inertial and spin alignments of the two bands have been discussed. Based on the delay-coincidence measurements, the half-lives for the K=3 and K=6 band head levels have been obtained to be 13±3 ns and 4.5±1.0 ns, respectively.

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