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Shandong Province to restore species commonly used radial growth and climate Relationship

Author: LiuChengCheng
Tutor: ZhangXinShi;WangRenQing
School: Shandong University
Course: Ecology
Keywords: Locust Japanese red pine Acutissima Tree-ring index series Monthly mean temperature Monthly precipitation Single-year analysis Multiple stepwise linear regression Ridge Regression
CLC: S792.181;S791.245
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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Applied Vegetation ecology restoration of forest ecosystems, promote and stress the importance of native tree species native forest vegetation reconstruction (Native forest with native trees), easily in a short time to restore local forest ecosystems. Local native species as ecological restoration and reconstruction objectives, key technology research and exploration of objects to enhance their understanding of significant growth characteristics. Studies have shown that the growth of trees, especially radial growth and site environment are closely related and are subject to the impact of climate change by studying the growth of tree-ring width variations, not only can understand the growth of the trees over the years and locations of climate change over the years, but also to help people predict future climate change and climate change on tree growth and forest structure and function as a foundation for ecological restoration and reconstruction measures provide convincing evidence. In this study, exotic species locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.), and two native trees pine (Pinus densiflora Sieb.et Zucc.), Oak (Quercus acutissima Carr.) As an object of study, designed to select the proper trees provide an important theoretical basis. As one of the more common locust species and revegetation mixed pioneer tree species in most parts of the temperate vegetation restoration and ecological reconstruction of great significance, and Robinia Shandong Province has become the most widely distributed and largest deciduous forest. Red pine zone of Shandong Province as coniferous forest, coniferous forest is larger. Previous studies have shown as a sub-top pine native coniferous species, not only become a major forest constructive species, but also to other areas of deciduous broad-leaved species invasion, growth and provide the basis for creating appropriate conditions for students, which in the barren ridge scientifically create red pine and rebuilding Shandong Province zonal deciduous forest community has great significance. And Quercus as typical of Shandong Province, the local zonal deciduous broadleaf species, its growth, development, reproduction and distribution of local ecological conditions, particularly adapted to the climate and soil conditions. These three species as well as North China, Shandong ecological restoration and reconstruction of pioneer species, the top representative of the dominant species to study the radial growth of trees and the relationship between the environment and climate factors, from the physiological ecology of northern China's Shandong and even eco- restore introduction afforestation, forest tending, provide the basis for succession, has a very important theoretical value and practical significance. In this study, taking into account the geographical significance, and three representatives of the current development tree, select Laiwu Fanggan (LF), Zaozhuang Bao Dugu (ZB), Dongying cents River (DX), Qingdao Laoshan (QL), Texas Linyi ( DL), Heze Caoxian (HC) six more typical areas as the study plot, based on the International Tree Ring Database (ITRDB) standard for field sampling, the sample cross-dating and width measurements. Parameters showed a higher sensitivity of the sample mean, locust distribution range between 0.25 to 0.5, Akamatsu distribution range between 0.20 to 0.30, Quercus distribution range between 0.25 to 0.30, mean sensitivity values ​​are in line with requirements ( > 0.1), indicating that the three kinds of species affected by climatic factors limiting obvious, ring width sufficient to reflect changes in the local environment samples. Study selected exponential function curve to simulate the three species radial growth trends, proven to be reliable, have reached a very significant level, pursuant to obtain tree-ring index series (RWI). Select year during the growing season (CG: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 months), outside the growing season (OG: 11,12,1,2,3 month), on the one growing season (PG: 4, 5,6,7,8,9,10 month) monthly average temperature (T_m) and monthly precipitation (P_m) as meteorological factors and tree-ring index series was analyzed. Locust in six samples of correlation analysis showed that radial growth in Laiwu room locust dry areas mainly affected by precipitation in a year in November, February and March of that year precipitation and temperature as well as the year in July temperature limit; Laoshan District in Qingdao mainly affected by the temperature of the year in May, as well as the control of precipitation year 2,10; River region in Dongying cents mainly affected by the temperature of the year in March, last year in November and September of that year precipitation effects; areas are mainly in Texas Linyi the previous year by year in March, May and temperature, precipitation in October of that year limit; Cao County, Heze region in the previous year is mainly affected by temperature, and in December of that year in July temperature and precipitation control; Bao Dugu in Zaozhuang area is affected mainly year on year in December and July temperatures significantly. It can be seen that the growth of black locust early in the growing season and growing season are limited primarily by temperature, while the peak of summer precipitation over, locust growing demand of precipitation is evident from, and because of the lagged effects of temperature and precipitation, the previous year's autumn and winter temperatures and precipitation on the growth of black locust also has a significant impact. Specific to each region due to differences in climate, temperature and rainfall limiting also vary. Akamatsu in Laiwu room dry and Qingdao Laoshan correlation analysis showed Laiwu Fanggan year in February and October precipitation temperature on pine radial growth has a positive correlation effect in October of precipitation on pine radial growth negatively related effects; in Qingdao Laoshan, pine radial growth that year from February to May, September temperatures are negatively correlated. This suggests that the early and late growing season, climatic factors on growth of Pinus densiflora larger, but the impact of the role of the two regions are also different, which may be caused by Akamatsu their physical characteristics and the regional climate differences result. Pine trees for the hi light, dry growing season in Laiwu room temperature accompanied by increased precipitation can enhance photosynthesis, Akamatsu still promote growth, but excessive precipitation caused increased illumination decreased, affecting photosynthesis, but Akamatsu growth constraints. In Qingdao Laoshan, Akamatsu growth and adapt to low temperature in spring, the temperature rise of the trees respiration strengthened, blocked photosynthesis, thus inhibiting the growth Akamatsu. Quercus in Laiwu room dry and Zaozhuang Bao Dugu's correlation analysis showed that radial growth of Quercus in Laiwu Fanggan mainly affected by the temperature of the previous year in December, last year, month, and year 5,11 5,6 precipitation limit; Bao Dugu in Zaozhuang mainly by month and year on year 6,12 1,2,9,10 months of temperature, and precipitation in November last year a significant impact. This is because of the abundant rainfall Zaozhuang Bao Dugu reducing effect on tree growth restriction, the effect of temperature performance of the more obvious; Laiwu Fanggan Bao Dugu precipitation well below Zaozhuang, Zaozhuang Bao Dugu closer to the temperature and the case, the growth of Quercus precipitation become the main limiting factor. On the black locust, pine, oak and separately in a single year analysis, the annual temperature and precipitation anomalies factor requirements, checking its corresponding tree-ring index changes, the study showed the results of correlation analysis to produce a wide wheel can fully explain the reasons and narrow wheel to further validate the correlation analysis of reliability and stability. Application of multiple stepwise linear regression model describes the radial growth of trees and the relationship between environmental factors, the results show that the variance of the linear regression equation explaining the higher the ratio, F test significant, indicating that the overall model fit better, while using ridge regression analysis to establish multiple regression equation, although ridge regression analysis than multiple stepwise linear regression analysis accuracy is reduced, but more realistic, and highly significant overall equation. In summary, the results of this study have been acacia, pine, oak grown in different regions of different climatic factor limiting radial growth of the three species relationship between climatic factors and the quantitative description of the vegetation ecological restoration and reconstruction process of artificial afforestation and forest conservation, management and protection provides a scientific basis for guiding the ecological restoration and reconstruction and modeling of quantitative research provides a supplement has important theoretical and practical significance.

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