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Technology Research about Remaining Oil Recovery and Spot-practice in ShenJiaPu Muiti-layered Oilfiled

Author: ZhangJiaLiang
Tutor: WangYunCheng;ZhaoPingQi
School: Chengdu University of Technology
Course: Oil and Gas Field Development Project
Keywords: Sjp Oil Field of Dagang Reservoir Description the Remaining Oil Distribution the Degree of Communication Calculation Pore-throat Radius Change Before and after waterflood Water injection breakthrough Intensity
CLC: TE327
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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Take Sjp oil field, Dagang for example, this article discuss the utilities of finereservoir description technology combined with production information, to disclosethe remaining oil distribution feature over the different development stage, andconduct the remaining oil recovery technology research as well as spot- practice.Sjp oil field located on the south of Kongdian structural belt Huanghuadepression, the main producing zone is EKV, a typical of multi-layered(av31.1m/11.3), viscous reservoir (932.78mpa.s). it was discovered in 1973, and put intowaterflood production in 1982. over the past years, G128、G109 and other block havebeen developed. In the process of development, reservoir description technologyplayed an import role.This article comprises 10 chapters, it covers reservoir description technology,several key question concerned with waterflood, the remaining oil distributionresearch, the remaining oil recovery technology research and spot-practice. The mainachievements are as follows.1. Finished fine structural interpretation, several advanced technology served,including strata comparison, 3D seismic interpretation technology, horizontal slicingtechnology, formation constraint inversion technology; meanwhile, formationheterogeneity and micro-pore structure research conducted, interzonal、areal、intrazonal reservoir quality difference analyzed. This laid a sound foundation forreservoir development.2. Construct predictive calculation method for the degree of communication fordifferent shape of reservoir, to guide the optimized and modification of well pattern.3. Propose predictive method for post-waterflood pore-throat radius calculation,which provide a theoretic base for strong water-flooded layer plugging.4. Build the correlation between water injection multiplier and well-spacing, andthe method as well as formula for water-flooded layer pore-throat radius calculationdeduced, meanwhile, the water injection breakthrough intensity formula is inferred.These provide a theoretic base for water-flooded layer management.5. Through the remaining oil accumulation type and development rule research ofSip oil field, a set of development model to improve and enhance the remaining oilrecovery for different develop stage formed, which can guide the same type ofreservoir development.Realizing the combination of research and spot-practice, keeping 6-years stable production period and made great achievement, this set a good model for same type ofreservoir.

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