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The Molding Techniques and the Modeling Study of Extremely Short Cut Flax Staple Fiber

Author: ZongMingMing
Tutor: WangFengHu
School: Northeast Forestry University
Course: Wood Science and Technology
Keywords: Extremely short cut flax staple fiber The comparison of geopolymer Compound material Molding techniques Artistic modeling
CLC: TQ327
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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This article is trying to probe into how extremely short cut flax staple fiber reinforced polymer can be applied in the area of modeling art through the research of its preparation principles, techniques, and artistic expressions. In the process of artistic creation, art modeling materials carry the transformation and convey of esthetic appreciation. Based on the practical need of modem life, taking advantage of current existence conditions and adopting traditional as well as modem scientific techniques in changing its appearance characteristics, we carried out modeling design, color scheme, and texture researching with extremely short cut flax staple fiber compound material as the carrier, during which we explored its potential by means of re-forming and reconstruction in terms of material characteristic, modeling techniques, structural molding, dyeing, and post treatment.We build up-models of meta-kaolin molecular structures and the living polymer models. We have also inspected the influencing factors to compression strength of extremely short cut flax staple fiber compound material. In order to set up the artistic expression theory of extremely short cut flax staple fiber compound material, we analyzed the process of extremely short cut flax staple fiber compound material, the type of the reactants, and the evolution process of the geo-polymer resultant reaction’s structure with modem testing methods.This article carried out experiment on the process of calcinating kaolin dehydration. By making use the statistics of DTA and XRD testing method, we analyzed the activeness of meta-kaolin. And it showed that the temperature that can keep meta-kaolin highly active is 650℃and that the period of heat preservation is 30 minutes.We conducted the preparation of extremely short cut flax staple fiber compound material, getting the index of compression strength, fixing the types of geo-polymer excitant, and it showed that compound excitants work best. The consistency of lye that excite meta-kaolin is 8mol/L; the proportion of soluble glass and lye is 8: 3. the influencing factors of preparing extremely short cut flax staple fiber compound material were discussed, which indicated that the best proportion of excitants and meta-kaolin is 1: 1, with at least 10%of meta-kaolin in quantity and that when extremely short cut flax staple fiber compound materials account for 15%in content, the compression strength of preparing sample is the best, with the water-solid ratio 2: 2.FRP mold is made with hand lay-up modeling methods; modeling mold is made with plaster casting method. With the method of molding by casting, we conducted experiment on modeling of extremely short cut flax staple fiber compound material resin-based material and extremely short cut flax staple fiber geo-polymer-based modeling material. The art modeling samples completely meet the requirement of art expressing.Extremely short cut flax staple fiber geo-polymer material can generate perfect optical textile sensation in material color matching, texture arrangement, gloss deployment. It can transform and enrich the appearance of artworks, creating unified and harmonious artistic effect and promote ornamentation of the artwork as a whole.By using different modeling techniques and staining techniques, it and generate rich natural colors and artificial ones. And in the materials of transparent resin-based material, color is expressed by the good dying performance of extremely short cut flax staple fiber, which generates gorgeous color effect after being compounded. Through using acid dyes, with NaCl as the accelerating agent, in 100℃water dyed for 30 minutes, the extremely short cut flax staple fiber can get an ideal color though the saturation value is not that high.The original color of extremely short cut flax staple fiber geo-polymer compound material is white. You can get colored geo-polymer directly by putting MOX(metal oxide) into white raw geo-polymer. Compared with the same type of material of hydraulic property, geo-polymer compound material carries the characteristics of rich color and rich texture. By adjusting the content of extremely short cut flax staple fiber and coordinating different burning techniques, you can change its color and sense of weight, gaining more products with richer color and less weight.Extremely short cut flax staple fiber compound material can generate rich texture by using different compounding techniques. After compounded with resin-based material, extremely short cut flax staple fiber can become transparent material, and if enlarging its proportion, you can get diffusely-reflecting material or the type between the two——semi-reflecting materials. Diffusely-reflecting materials will be formed if it is compounded with geo-polymer materials. The abundant expressive force is realized by the above two compounding methods of different compound materials.The research of extremely short cut flax staple fiber reinforced geo-polymer material has just taken its initial steps. Further systematical research in the area of extremely short cut flax staple fiber compound material’s proportioning, preparation techniques, molding mechanism, application development bears enormous academic value. Meanwhile, it is of realistic significance in the aspect of saving energy and protecting the environment. In an era of circular economy and in conservation-conscious society, it is a significant subject to promote the efficient use of resource, to research on and apply extremely short cut flax staple fiber and it is of great market promise, which will be sure to influence art modeling deeply and beneficially.

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