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Effect of Morida Officinalis How Polysaccharide on the Proliferation and Apoptosis of Rabbit Chondral Cell Incubated Exosomatically

Author: HuangTao
Tutor: WangHeMing
School: Fujian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: TCM orthopedics and traumatology
Keywords: osteoarthritis Morida officinalis How polysaccharide incubated exosomatically chondral cells the proliferation of cells the apoptosis of cells bcl-2 bax
CLC: R285.5
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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Objective: To establish a model of cultivating the rabbit chondral cells outside the body,observe the effect of Morida officinalis How polysaccharide on the proliferation andapoptosis on the level of cell and molecule and explore the mechanism of curing osteoarthritisby using Morinda officinalis How polysaccharide.Method: Separate the chondral cells of white rabbits for observations of morphologyand ultrastructure, take advantage of MTT method to depict the growth curvature and identifytypeⅡcollangen of the primary chondral cells, establish the cultivating system of the rabbitchondral cells outside the body to supply applicable cells for the experiments; use thecultivated chondral cells for MTT method, flow cytometer and incorporating 5-BrdU to detectthe effect of Morida officinalis How polysaccharide on the proliferation of chondral cells, andapply the expressions of immunohistochemical detecting PCNA to make preliminaryexplorations of the mechanism of Morida officinalis How polysaccharide boosting theproliferation of chondral cells; employ the changes in morphology, ultrastructure andbiochemical characters to validate the model of apoptosis of chondral cells induced byRA,use flow cytometer to detect the apoptosis rates of chondral cells, use Realtime-PCR toconduct observations of the expressions of the relevant factors such as bcl-2 and bax, andmake preliminary appraisals of the role of Morida officinalis How polysaccharide in thecourse of cell apoptosis. Findings: the rabbit chondral cells cultivated outside the body have the expression oftypeⅡcollangen, which means the cultivated cells are chondral cells; Morida officinalis Howpolysaccharide of a certain density acts as a remarkable stimulus to the proliferation of therabbit chondral cells cultivated outside the body and the effect becomes more obvious on the5th day than on the 3rd day. There is no significant difference between the effect of Moridaofficinalis How polysaccharide on the proliferation of the rabbit chondral cells and viartrils ofthe most suitable density, but it is related with PCNA; in other words, Morida officinalis Howpolysaccharide enhances the expression of PCNA of chondral cells. The application ofMorida officinalis How polysaccharide can remarkably reduce the rate of apoptosis ofchondral cells caused by the use of RA. There is no significant difference between Moridaofficinalis How polysaccharide group of the most suitable density and the effect of viartrilsgroup on the apoptosis of chondral cells. The expression of the chondral cells inducingapoptosis in Morida officinalis how polysaccharide group bcl-2 is obviously higher than thatin the inducing group while the expression of bax is much lower than the contrast group. Thechanges in the expressions of Morida officinalis how polysaccharide in bcl-2 and bax aresimilar to that in viartrils.Conclusion: There are 3 mechanisms that Morida officinalis How polysaccharide can beused to treat osteoarthritis: first, Morida officinalis How polysaccharide may directlystimulate the proliferation of rabbit chondral cell and boost up its number; second, Moridaofficinalis How polysaccharide increases the expression of Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigenin chondral cells, and further promote the proliferation of chondral cell; third, the applicationof Morida officinalis How polysaccharide reduce the number of extinct chondral cell inducedby all-trans-retinoic acid, which promote the mitosis of the cells and hold up the apoptosis ofthe cells. Besides, Morida officinalis how polysaccharide can increase the expression of bcl-2but lower the expression of bax, thus opening the PT channel to check the process ofapoptosis.

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