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Research on Curing of Acne Vulgaris by Prof. Zhao Guanying and Overview of His Academic Thought

Author: LiXiuYu
Tutor: ZhaoGuanYing
School: PLA Postgraduate Medical School
Course: Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords: Zhao Guanying acne vulgaris Yurong Xiaocuo decoction/ Granule
CLC: R275
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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The acne vulgaris is the chronically inflamed disease of the follicular sebaceous gland structure, and about 15 percent of the patients with quite serious state of the illness need treatment. Because the acne occurs on the face, it influences the feature and may easily cause the mental hurt to the patient.The main methods for curing the acne of western medicine are the partial treatment and the systematical medicine treatment. There is no widely accepted good method for curing the acne till now. The acne treatment becomes a new hotspot of Chinese medicine clinical research for the past few years. The acne treatment methods of Chinese medicine are the differentiation typing, the special prescription with special drugs etc., which have positive curative effect, however the special Chinese patent medicine for curing the acne is little, which brings inconvenience to the patient.The tutor and professor Zhao Guanying has original experience for curing the acne. Mr. Zhao’s Yurong Xiaocuo decoction can cure various types of acnes, and the clinical application effect is satisfying without any side effect.The clinical research towards Yurong Xiaocuo decoction indicates that its acne-treatment effect is good; the eight-week cure-remarkable-effectiveness rate and the effective rate are respectively 82 percent and 96 percent, which are equivalent as Viaminati capsule ( P> 0.05); Yurong Xiaocuo decoction acts faster than the Viaminati capsule, and the six-week cure-remarkable-effectiveness rate compare of the two groups shows that P< 0.05; the safety of Yurong Xiaocuo decoction is good without obvious side effect.The animal experiment indicates that the granule of Yurong Xiaocuo Granule has the effect of restraining and sterilizing all acne pathogens, and its effect is better than the tanshinone capsule; the Yurong Xiaocuo Granule has quite strong protective effect towards the mice which infects the golden staphylococcus, the staphylococcus epidermidis and the acne propionibacterium; Yurong Xiaocuo Granule has good curative effect towards the rabbit ear acne propionibacterium that is the rabbit auricle acne model caused by the oleic acid and shows the obvious dose-effect relationship; Yurong Xiaocuo Granule has obvious reducing effects (p < 0.05) towards the blood serum testosterone content of the golden hamster, the DT×DL value of the sebaceous gland plaque and the thickness of the sebaceous gland plaque, which shows that the granule of eliminating acne for nice feature has effect of anti-androgen. In conclusion, the experiment testifies that Yurong Xiaocuo Granule can play the curative effect towards many processes of the acne development, such as the germ resistance, the inflammation resistance, the androgen resistance etc., and the mechanism of the clinical acne-treatment is partially elucidated. At the same time, the result of the pharmacodynamic research prompts that the effective initial dosage of human clinical medication of the granule of eliminating acne for nice feature is approximate 8.0 to 16g per day, and the dosage is calculated according to the adult body weight of 60kg.The statistic and analysis about the rule of 60 special prescription medications for acne within the recent six years indicate that the first 12 most-frequently-used drugs are the scullcap root, the liquorice, the root of red rooted salvia, the honeysuckle, the white mulberry bark, the red peony root, the hedyotis diffusa, the gardenia, the dried rhizome of rehmannia, the loquat leaf, the dandelion, and the forsythia fruit, and compared with the prescription medications, there are nine same drugs (75 %), which are highly accordant. The acne-treatment effect of Chinese traditional medicine is good, and the required period of treatment is quite long. The effective rate of 5652 cases of patients is (92.4±5.67) %, and the period of treatment is (34.31±16.17) days.In addition, the overall perspective of the tutor’s academic idea is summarized from ten aspects according to the personal experience and cognition, and his academic career, characteristics of scholarly research, academic achievements etc. are introduced quite completely.

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