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An Empirical Study of the Influence on HR, SNRT, SACT of SSS Rabbit Model Treated by Fu Xin Mai Fang

Author: GengNaiZhi
Tutor: LiDeLin
School: Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Chinese medical science
Keywords: sick sinus syndrome electrophysiology microstructure FuXinMai rabbit
CLC: R285.5
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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Objective: (1)To establish a stable animal model of the SSS could profit to reducing the cost and elevating the precision of animal experiments; (2) To study the FuXinMai’s effect on the rabbit-models of the SSS of HR、SNRT、CSNRT、SACT and microstructure; (3) To analyze the pathogenesis of SSS and the mechanism of action of FuXinMai.Methods: (1) Healthy rabbits were randomly divided into two groups (8 in each group) .Group1 were sinus node(SN) mapping group. Through simple operation to open a smaller cavity on the thoracic cavity and to identify the area of SN by epicardial mapping, then locally infiltrated 20% formaldehyde to the area by microinjector which connected with self-made trochar. group2 were routine group:to model rabbits of SSS by the routine method. The rabbits’ chests were opened from the right lateral line away 2 to 3 millimeters to the sternum. Those rabbits’ SN were damaged by 20% formaldehyde which was wet dressed in the experimental groups. 3F tetra-electrode catheter was inserted into the right atrium from right external jugular vein, electrocardiogram of body surface and endocardium were recorded synchronically,then to stimulate the right atrium and to measure HR、SNRT、CSNRT and SACT. At the end ,to obtain and compare the two groups’experiment datas about HR、SNRT、CSNRT and so on; ( 2) To establish 40 rabbit-models of SSS and to choose 32 rabbits which are qualified.32 rabbits were divided into 4 groups randomly: FuXinMai high dose group ; FuXinMai medium dosage group; XinBao group; liquor natrii chloridi isotonicus group. Then to examine 4 groups of HR、SNRT、SACT. To execute rabbit-models two weeks later and to observe the microstructure by light microscope and electron microscope.Results: ( 1 ) Electrophysiology and pathologic alteration between the SN mapping group and the routine group corresponded to the standard of SSS. The SN mapping group make light injury to the rabbits so that to make sure the achievement ratio and reduce the mortality. Moreover,it showed little difference between the SN mapping group and the routine group in microstructure; (2) Datas about HR、SNRT、CSNRT and SACT in FuXinMai high dose group are better than those datas in control group、FuXinMai medium group and XinBao group after drug treatment(P < 0. 05).Conclusions: ( 1) The SN mapping group is simpler and standarder than the routine model; (2) The datas of electrophysiology in FuXinMai group elevated more conspicuously;(3)My advisor thought that pathogenesis of SSS is ShaoYin yangqi severe deficiency,YIN-cold coagulation. The therapeutic principle of FuXinMai is WenYang、YiQi、HuaYu and therapeutic effect is more conspicuous than control group’s.

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