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The Archaeology Discovered Proofreads with "Chu Elegies"

Author: XuGuangCai
Tutor: WuZhenWu
School: Jilin University
Course: Historical Philology
Keywords: Archaeological discoveries Songs of the South Proof-reading
CLC: K877.5
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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Chu elegies from the initial creation,the coagulation,to spread to today,the period have experienced more than 2000 years.In this period,Chu elegies have had very many errors,in addition created the time to be away from already very is remote today,therefore,"Chu elegies" have become the book which very difficult to read.Starts from the Han Dynasty,scholar’s already started to study "Chu elegies",the process all previous dynasties scholar’s endeavor,might use is handed down for generations the literature solution question basically already to solve,but not yet solved question,if did not have the new material discovery,also not impossible to be solved.Since the 20th century,the massive archaeology discovered the material for solved "Chu elegies" the hard problem to provide the possibility.Had the scholar to use these new materials to make "Chu elegies" the research work,and has obtained certain result.This article is absorbing the predecessor research results fully in the foundation,the main use the double evidence law, will be handed down for generations the literature and the archaeology discovered the material will unify,will carry on the proofreading to "Chu elegies",attempts will obtain one the appoximate "Chu elegies" text,attempts the text will make one to "Chu elegies" the approximate explanation.This article altogether is divided two major parts,the first part is the introduction,the second part is a main text.The introduction, including four parts of contents,first introduced "Chu elegies" the text forming process and the text present situation,second reviewed the history which "Chu elegies" proofread,third elaborated using the archaeology discovered proofreads "Chu elegies" the significance, fourth explained this article uses the material,the primary coverage and the related question.The main text part divides into ten volumes,the volume one "Li sao",the volume two "Nine Songs",the volume three "Day Asked",the volume four "Nine Chapters",the volume five "Travelling far",the volume six "Divination Occupies",the volume seven "Old fisherman",the volume eight "Nine Debates",the volume nine "Calls back from the dead", the volume ten "Big Move".Curls one 75,curls two 28,curls three 48, curls fou 51,curls five 14,the volume six 3,volume seven 1,curls eight 9,curls nine 19,curls ten 14,the altogether 263 clauses, collates,the words and expressions including the writing teaches releases,the correlation historical evidence explains,the author and the work really false and so on the near 300 questions.When carries on the elaboration to each question,all pays attention absorbs predecessor’s research results,in this foundation,will be handed down for generations the literature and the archaeology discovered the material will unify,or card Cheng said,if will explain "my late father" with the bronze inscription material when will refer to the father, proved Wang Yizhu will be correct;Or front pointed out said must,if acts according to Chu the Jan writing and the bronze inscription article example,pointed out Sun Zuoyun the school "Li sao" "absorbs proposes in the first month of spring it ""to" is "straight" the view is wrong; Or proposes the new solution,if the solution "will forever be suitable faints the body" it to faint for the second person "you".

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