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Hunan Uygur’s Social Change and Cultural Daptation

Author: HuangLi
Tutor: WangXiLong
School: Lanzhou University
Course: Ethnology
Keywords: Hunan Uygur Change Adaptation
CLC: G127
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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In the process of Chinese accelerating modernization,the radical changes of ethnic cultures are inevitable.We can feel the social and cultural changes at any time,can also feel cultural imbalance in the process of social changes,and the efforts people has made for adapting to the changes.In the constantly changing cultural system,culture’s change and adaptation are moving development processes,and the final test to the culture is the ability that this kind of culture adapts to the new surroundings.Therefore,it is urgent to realize cultural conscious,to think deeply about cultural adaptation.Choosing a specific ethnic whose cultural contents are relatively simple,cultural changes are most radical,and cultural imbalance is most typical as research object is not only having significant theoretical and practical meaning,but also having the realistic feasibility to do research.The dissertation chooses Fengshu Uygur and Hui Ethnic Townships in Hunan province,which is representative in ethnic structure,production way,living style,traditional culture and ethnic relationship,and the social and cultural changes are very rapid.Meanwhile,the features of ethnic traditional cultures and the harmonious coexistence of multi-cultures are keeping well relatively.Radical changing society and culture make ethnic cultures in this place adapting to in material,system and spiritual,etc.Modern and tradition blend,and multi-cultures complicate.The article begins with Hunan Uygur’s ancients settling down Hunan,description to their traditional culture’s characteristics and change:try to untie the mysterious veil on them.Let Hunan Uygur get a correct understanding of themselves,also let fraternal ethnics can objectively understand them.The article try to analysis Hunan Uygur’s confusion during modern civilization building with the strong crashes of modernity and tradition,and seek out ways and means to the plight of them, actively explore the special model of modernization.From the case study with the combination of theory and reality,reveals the diversity of ethnic civilization under the conditions of the primary stage of socialism.The article combined with ethnology,sociology and history,mainly to the field investigation,supplemented with literature.The article has given a description in the following aspects.The first chapter is the introduction.It makes an account of the theme, study conditions and methods,and the relevant study achievements as well. It analyses the theories of social changes and cultural adaptation of scholars at home and abroad,and the relevant research achievements and defects about Hunan Uygur.The second chapter discusses Hunan Uygur’s history,source of name and basic situation of contemporary Hunan Uygur.They have lived in Hunan for more than 600 years.With the strong changes of social politic, economic and culture,Hunan Uygur experienced several intense social and cultural changes,and their economic and cultural life have big changes.The third chapter talks about Hunan Uygur’s cultural adaptation and change.Their traditional culture’s formation and development is the result of cultural adaptation.Whether in the natural environment or in the social environment,Hunan Uygur show great cultural adaptability,and their traditional culture has a certain system and its own characteristics.The fourth chapter talks about Hunan Uygur’s population development and changes of economic life.There were only about 300 people when they settled done Hunan.About 600 years latter,there are about 10,000 people. According to the local natural features,Hunan Uygur carry out of agricultural production,at the same time,with ethnic characteristics, they also actively develop the incubator industry,processing industry, tourism and catering business.They have not only developed their ethnic economy,but also promoted local economic development.The fifth chapter deals with Hunan Uygur’s marriage and family.Their marriages are greatly influenced by traditional marriage taboos, government policies,religion,and ethnic relations.Along with the change of society,their traditional marriages also have undergone great changes.Their intermarriage lap reflects that Hunan Uygur has very harmonious relationship with around ethnic.The sixth chapter describes about Hunan Uygur’s education system and its function changes.Hunan Uygur always attach the importance of education,so the ethnic as a whole is better educated,and has produced a large number of outstanding talents.They have made tremendous contributions for the ethnic and social development.The seventh chapter is about Hunan Uygur’s ethnic consciousness. Before ethnic identification,Hunan Jian family regarded themselves as Hui.In 1952,after ethnic identification,they were identities as Uygur, and their ethnic consciousness becomes more and more strong.In Fengshu, Uygur close to Hui,but "Huiweizu" is not yet formed now.Through questionnaires and personal visits,the author investigates Fengshu Uygur’s image and Hunan Uygur’s recognition in the eyes of the outside world.The eighth chapter is the conclusion.It is about Hunan Uygur’s pressures and difficulties,as well as their choice.Hunan Uygur’s traditional culture has been fragmentization.Now,they are reconstruction.In adapting to Hunan’s natural and human environment, Hunan Uygur’s culture should not only highlight ethnic characteristics, but also in light of the local economic development,promote cultural and economic harmony develop.

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