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A Research on the Evolution and Orientation of Marital Ethics in Contemporary China

Author: ZuoYu
Tutor: ChenBingGong
School: Jilin University
Course: Political Theory
Keywords: Mercenary marriage Ethical Construction Marriage Education Press The relationship between husband and wife Marriage University Press Freedom of marriage Marx and Engels Code of Ethics
CLC: C913.1
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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The transition of economic system brought out all the social changes since reform and opening. In the field of marriage and family, on one hand, free love and independent marriage become the main form of constructing marriage and family, which the marriage relationship, taking freedom, democracy and equality as the core, is expending, and marital affective factors between the husband and the wife are becoming dominant to maintain their marital life. On the other hand, some negative factors of decadence cause the family stability decreased, with which the revival of illegal marriage such as early marriage, mercenary marriage, arrange marriage and bigamy etc., and the existence of abnormal forms of love and marriage such as love of one night, extramarital affairs, homosexuality, love and marriage online etc. Among the reasons caused these problems, besides the negative influence of negative factors in the social transition period, the flaw of modern marriage ethics and the marriage moral education’s attenuation are the substantial ones. The extant marital ethics standard falls behind modern society’s development, which inevitably attenuates its function of standardizing marital behavior and coordinating marriage ties. The attenuation of marriage moral education inevitably causes the dominant moral system evaluation criteria inevitably fuzzy, the moral choice contrary and puzzled, and the control of social morals being weaken. Times call the creation of modern marriage ethic and the strengthening of marriage ethical education. It is a current fundamental research to conduct the study to the Contemporary China marriage ethics question, analyzing its rule of evolution and the tendency, establishing the reasonable goal guidance, obtaining members of different social classes’ widespread approval through the marriage moral education and the political strategic way.This thesis conducts the research from the aspects of theories, history, reality and practice under the Ideological and political education field of vision, profiting from other related specialized knowledge.In the aspect of theories, on the basis of exploring the connotation and the nature of marriage ethic, it analyzes its characteristics, value and influencing factors, explaining the basic theories of social sex and the influence to marriage ethic, and also the basic theories of marriage ethic about the Marxism.In the aspect of history, it generalizes the essential point of Chinese traditional marriage ethic, and it describes the changes, evolution and establishment of Chinese marriage ethic in modern, contemporary and present times respectively. Then it makes conclusion on the evolution regulation on the base of above analyzing. China’s marital ethics evolution is a historical category. It is the result of interweaving the functions of social various factors e.g. politics, economy, law, culture, and education etc., which is also the evolution of marriage system and the sex system, and it is inseparable with the enhancement of the feminine main body consciousness and the women’s liberation movement.In the aspect of reality, it describes multiple-situation of Chinese marriage ethic in the transformation period, and the main form and existing questions in marriage lives. It analyzes the reasons of those problems and forecast the evolution tendencies of the development of Contemporary China marriage ethics, which will present the organic fusion between the traditional and the modern, the dual orientations between individual and society, the perfect union between the emotion freedom and the responsibility, the male and the female’s common liberation etc.In the aspect of practice, it puts forward the reasonable direction of temporary Chinese marriage ethic development, and establishes its modern contents and characteristics. The marital ethics standard system includes the monogamy marriage system, the love-based marital structure, the free autonomy’s marital behavior, the equal and mutual-respected couple relationships, the loose and harmonious couple lives, the faithful and tolerant couple emotions, the rights and obligations paid equal attention to. It explores the modern marriage ethics construction principle, approaches and methods. Some detailed safeguard measures are put forward from the aspects of economy, politics, law, thought and culture etc. It conducts the marriage ethical education through methods of the school education, the home education, the social education, the legal norm, the government taking and so on, as well as the ways of consultation and counseling in the love and marriage questions, fostering the marital ethics standard, model ways of driving etc. At the same time, it provides the safeguard for the modern new marriage ethics construction through developing the social productive forces, implementing and realizing the scientific development concept, speeding up the construction of harmonious society vigorously, strengthening the construction of the advanced social sex system and the marriage system and so on.This thesis carries on a thorough study on contemporary Chinese marriage ethic problems from the aspect of Marxism social sex. The reasonable direction made in contemporary Chinese marriage ethic is with significant values of theories and practice. The construction of modern marriage ethic is not only the demand of constructing socialism harmonious society, but also the requirement of perfecting socialism moral education system. It serves to realize the sex equality and the social equity, to establish the stable social order, to enhance the standard of self-consciousness of the marital main body to observe the marital ethics and to construct harmonious happy marriage family. This study explores the law of development and the tendency of Chinese marriage ethics, and explores the modern marriage ethics construction and the marriage moral education measures, which has certain foresightedness and the effectiveness.

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