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  1. Inquiry learning in the training of Applied Research - History thinking ability of middle school students to the person teaches the version high school history compulsory II teaching as an example,LiangZhiLing/Gannan Teachers' College,0/19
  2. A Study on Application of Advance Organizer Theory to Geography Teaching,ZuoJingJing/Central China Normal University,0/4
  3. Comparative Research of Mathematics Teaching Materials for7th Grade between People Educational Publisher Edition and Hunan Education Press Edition,TangHaiFeng/Central China Normal University,0/56
  4. Practice of high school language curriculum standard textbook version of practical writing writing teaching texts and people,HuangQiuMin/Gannan Teachers' College,0/15
  5. "Motif" Research on the Literary Texts in the Junior High School Language Textbooks,DuanYing/Xinjiang Normal University,0/13
  6. Reflective Research on Language Elective High School Textbooks Published by People's Education Press about Compiling and Using,GuoYan/Hunan Normal University,0/1
  7. Comparative Study of the Writing Part in the First Language Textbook from China and America,LiJiJiao/Hunan Normal University,0/16
  8. A Comparative Study on High School Teaching Literary Chinese Compulsory,BaiXue/Central China Normal University,0/3
  9. Comparative Study of Junior High School Language Comprehensive Study,LiuZuoZuo/,0/4
  10. The Exercising Systems in the People's Education Press Version and the New Asia Press Version of Primary School Chinese Textbooks:a Comparative Study,ZhangJingMei/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/7
  11. Enlightened editing ideas and language education positioning on the current inspiration significance - to the enlightened Mandarin textbooks 12 volumes and Su Jiaoban primary school Chinese textbooks for all 12 volumes of comparative study is based,WuYaShi/Gannan Teachers' College,0/10
  12. A comparative study of edition and Hebei teaches the version junior English teach,LiXingYan/Xi'an International Studies University,0/95
  13. The design of Jiangxi press and publication of Career Technical College educational management system,WuZuoZuo/Yunnan University,0/34
  14. The Comparative Study and Enlightenment of Different Versions of High School History Textbooks on the Subject "the Normalization of Sino-US Relations",WangYang/Northeast Normal University,0/2
  15. The Structure Analysis and Optimization Proposals of Geographical Skills in the Required Materials of People’s Education Press,HeZhongYuan/Northeast Normal University,0/74
  16. Research on the Teaching Methods of High School New Geography Textbooks of Case Teaching,WangJiaJia/Central China Normal University,0/252
  17. The practice research goal of chemistry teaching Ordinary High School,LiALi/Shaanxi Normal University,0/270
  18. The Exercises of Current Junior Middle School Mathematics Textbooks Comparative Research,ChenHongWu/Chongqing Normal University,0/56
  19. A Comparative Study of Translation Transform and Rotaiton Transform in the Middle School Mathematics Textbooks,NiYinDong/Northeast Normal University,0/72
  20. A Comparison on Technology Using in Senior High School Maths Textbooks between China and Singapore,LuWeiLing/Suzhou University,0/73
  21. The Comparison on Technology Using in Senior High School Math Textbooks between China and Austrilia,LinDiDi/Suzhou University,0/114
  22. The Comparative Study on the Function in Unior Mathematics Textbooks Published by Eijing Normal University Press and P’eoples Ducation Publishing House,ZhangSongBiao/Guangzhou University,0/155
  23. Comparison Research on the Content of "Statistics and Probability" of the Junior Mathematics Standard Experimental Textbooks Printed by BJNU-edition and PEP-edition,LinFengZuo/Fujian Normal University,0/244
  24. Comparative Study on the Narrator of Junior Middle School Mathematics Teaching Material of Beijing Normal University Press and People’s Education Press,PengWenJing/Chongqing Normal University,0/230
  25. The Research on the Integrating History of Mathematics in Mathematics Teaching of the People’s Education Press Published Junior Middle School Mathematics Teaching Material,ZhangMingYue/Hunan Normal University,0/236
  26. A Comparative Study on Matrices of Chinese,Us,Japanese and Singapore Mathematices Textbooks,ZhouHui/East China Normal University,0/278
  27. A Comparative Study on Complex Numbers of Chinese, Singapore and Japanese High School Mathematics Textbooks,Xie/East China Normal University,1/239
  28. PEP Edition of Chinese Textbook for Senior Middle School New Curriculum Knowledge System Study,LiuYuLing/Guangxi Normal University,0/207
  29. A Comparative Study of Chinese Textbook for Junior-School Students Produced by People Education Press and Shanghai Education Press,FengYaXin/Shanghai Normal University,0/15
  30. The Study of Compiling and Teaching about Foreign Literatures on Chinese Texbooks by New Course of People’s Education Press,ZhouShuang/Harbin Normal University,0/11
  31. A Comparative Study of the Mainland and Hong Kong Junior High School Language Teaching Materials,BaiLinZuo/Central China Normal University,0/32
  32. The Study of Writing Systems in Senior Hing School Chinese Textbooks (Compulsory) Published by Jiangsu Education Press,ZhaoWenJing/Wenzhou University,0/62
  33. A Study on the Utility Efficiency of Junior Chinese Textbooks by Jiangsu Educaiton Press in Northern Jiangsu Area,FanXiaoHong/Shanghai Normal University,0/126
  34. Junior high school language textbook help reading system inquiry person teaching edition, Lu, Su Jiao edition comparison,LiMin/Shandong Normal University,0/124
  35. The Teaching Analysis of Lu Xun’s Work in Junior High School Language Teaching,JiangZuo/Chongqing Normal University,0/344
  36. Comparative Study on the Text-Selecting System of the Four Editions of Chinese Textbooks for Junior High School,ZhangBing/Northeast Normal University,0/449
  37. The Use of Exegesis in the Teaching of Senior High School Ancient Articles and Poems,SuoMin/Northeast Normal University,0/464
  38. A Comparing Research on Textbooks of Moral and Society in Primary School,NianJingMei/Shanghai Normal University,0/82
  39. A Comparative Study of Primary School Language Teaching Material System,Chen/Yangtze University,0/5
  40. The ancient prose annotation Study Edition Chinese textbooks for primary school teaching,XuShuang/Tianjin Normal University,0/242
  41. Comparative Study on Chinese Textbooks Used by the Preliminary Schools in the Mainland China and Taiwan,YangLiLi/Suzhou University,0/1139
  42. A Research on the Evolution and Orientation of Marital Ethics in Contemporary China,ZuoYu/Jilin University,9/1141
  43. Entrepreneurial University : Comparison and Implication,WenZhengBao/East China Normal University,6/1170
  44. Art - unconscious symbol of product,JinJingJi/China Academy of Art,1/517
  45. Ni Zan landscape research,JinZheHong/China Academy of Art,2/776
  46. From Empire to International Community,RenDongBo/Jilin University,0/348
  47. Education Research of Jin Dynasty,LanZuo/Jilin University,4/337
  48. A Study on Yingzhou in Tang Dynasty,SongQing/Jilin University,5/467
  49. A Study on Jing-Tu Literature and Compilation in Qing Period,YuHaiBo/Jilin University,0/172
  50. On Human Rights Contract,DingQiMing/Jilin University,5/523

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