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Towards Coupling of Effeciency and Effectiveness-Based Technological Innovation System of Domestic Natural Gas Indusdry

Author: JiangZiAng
Tutor: WuZhenYe
School: Southwest Jiaotong University
Course: Management Science and Engineering
Keywords: Natural gas industry Industrial technologic innovation Complicated system Innovation system construction
CLC: F426.22
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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A new system of technological innovation is not only the core of technological innovation, but also one of the front-line questions in research of technological innovation at present. Technological innovation of natural gas industry is an important part of national technological innovation system. Because of the construction of national technological innovation system and transfer of innovation’ subject and establishment security strategy of national recourses and change of technological environment, as well as history mission and inner requirement of natural gas industry and enterprises, research and establishment of technological innovation in natural gas industry is a choice.Based on the request of national and industrial innovation system, research of technological innovation of natural gas industry is to provide a comprehensive, systematic and effective basis for constructing technological innovation system of natural gas industry and realizing "three prominent enhancement" target,—that is "prominently enhance utilizing efficiency of scientific and technological recourses and achievement transformation efficiency for industry and society; prominently enhance enterprise’ innovative capability and economic efficiency; prominently enhance the management level of industry and its international competitiveness"—, in addition ,to construct a technological innovation framework system of natural gas industry, which is suitable for national condition.On the principal of scientifically development viewpoint of "human-oriented", this study emphatically discussed theoretical basis and construction of technological innovation system, revealed the technological innovation of domestic natural gas industry and its organizational and operational rule from the angle of constructing and developing technology innovation in our country and industry. On the basis of achievement and relevant principal, the study finally constructed a technological innovation framework system for natural gas industry, which is based on performance coupling and suitable for national condition of China.This study concentrates on four aspects as follow:1. Mainly based on performance coupling, the study probed into a new law for gas industry and the theory basis of construction of technological innovation system from various aspects, and extended the theory of technological innovation.Firstly, the study revealed the strategy objective and stratagem of construction of technological innovation of natural gas industry, and discussed relevant management problems. Facing great change of the competitive environment and the emergency of internet resource, this paper emphasized on the construction of two strategy framework—competition and cooperation of performance coupling. Natural gas enterprises and industry faces great change of globalization, internetlization, informationlization and knowledge-economy. Science and technology is rapidly developing under such circumstance. An external network resource is an important element for constant competitive advantage, and competition and cooperation become two basic pattern of industry development.Secondly, on the basis of resource theory, this paper revealed the systematic complexity of technological innovation and social network of elements (or resources) of technological innovation system, emphasizing on construction of network resources system, utilization system of social capital and systemic coupling mechanism.Thirdly, basing on theory of combining innovation, this paper studied the increment mechanism of element combining innovation and constructing related dynamic models and economic mathematic models. Meanwhile, rift valley effect derived from realization of technologic and science results and its formation-evolution mechanism are discussed.Fourthly, its first time to unveil the basic value of environment and natural resources and the value as the production elements of resource capital according to the natural property of capital operation. During discussion of essential property of trinity of economy-society-environment, construction of choosing mechanism of technology innovation models are stressed.Fifthly, basing on modern labor value theory and resource value theory, value-creation capability of technologic and scientific behaviors and formation and transformation of intellectual capital energy and technologic innovation value are analyzed. It stresses the importance of technology innovation in knowledge economy value-added and importance of incentive mechanism in technology innovations.Finally, basing on complicated theory of technology innovation, problems on managing and stimulating technology innovation are researched. Combining with modern labor value theory, we should design incentive mechanism basing on performances and construct performance evaluation systems.2. We should adequately consider strategic development demand of natural gas industry, strategic development of enterprises, systemic construction of technological innovation and couple mechanism construction, property of social relationship of innovation elements (resources) and its social capital utilization of innovation elements, network resource integration and its increment system establishment, positive value-creation of technologic labor and intellectual capital and its incentive mechanism, values of natural and environmental resources and selection of new technologic innovation model, complication of technologic innovation process, management innovation and couples of stimulation, system and systemic efficiency. According to these problems as basic ideas, this study from a strategic technological innovation view set up a kind of complicated technologic innovation system basing on coupling system efficiency for the first time. This system consists of eight sub-systems, including environmental policy system with demand guiding, strategic decision system with dynamic balancing, motive stimulation system with multi-coupling, organization and operation system for cobweb energy-level, knowledge management system for utilization of increment , item-based technological innovation and its achievement’s commercial operation system (in abbreviation, item-based operation system) , performance evaluation system and, technology market system combining with elements market (including public platform system). This model stresses the whole process of technologic innovation in natural gas industry is systemic, dynamic, coupling and efficient.3. This paper discusses the detail designing, implications and structural relationships of sub systems respectively, and especially, studies cobweb energy-level organizational model.4. Based on the principle of being beneficial to complicated system’s construction and implementation, this study put forward seven measures on innovative mechanism improvement, technologic market system establishment, effective realization and application of technological results, talent developing system construction, information network construction, technologic incentive mechanism improvement and cultural system construction in natural gas industry, for reference.

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