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Study on Income Distribution System of Xinjiang Productionand Construction Group (XPCC)

Author: WangLi
Tutor: GaoJiHong
School: Shihezi University
Course: Agricultural Economics and Management
Keywords: Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC) Farm income distribution system changes
CLC: F324.1
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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The distribution of income in the economic system as an important subsystem is the most important influence factor in conomic growth, social stability, resource allocation,and it is also the most prominent link of the existing operating system contradictions and conflicts in the farm of XPCC. As the second generation of XPCC Station troops to open up wasteland and garrison the border region, I have long-term living and working experience of the farm of XPCC that make me be very concerned about the economic system reform in the Farm of XPCC and also make me accumulate a lot of perceptual knowledge. At the same time, facilitated with the working experience in XPCC Development and Reform Commission Poverty Relief Office, and for more than three years doctoral studies in the tutor Professor Gao Jihong guidelines and guidance, I choose the farm of XPCC income distribution system as my doctoral dissertation topics in conjunction with my own research direction. Lasted 2 years and 5 months, I have finally completed the thesis writing.Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps to Station troops and to open up wasteland garrison and the border region for duties is set the party, government, military, enterprises toghter as one, which is implemented as a monostichous project in the country. Because of the XPCC institutional and the special of socio-economic development, the choice mode of XPCC economic system reform is different from local units, and also different from other agricultural reclamation enterprises. The problems and obstacles encountered in the reform are more complex than other economic organizations. As no successful reform models to draw on, the reform only can rely on its own explorations, which is doomed that the reform of the XPCC is tortuous and progressive.With economic reform expanding in the breadth and in the depth, some deep-seated contradictions and problems become more and more obvious which exist in the past farm of XPCC income distribution system. And the most prominent performances are that in recent years the further increase of Farm workers is more difficulty, and the burden of worker is too heavy, the widening of the income gap, the expansion of the Farm management system, the inefficiency of agricultural support and protection systems. These contradictions direct impact on the income of Farm workers, even have a negative impact on the entire economic development of the XPCC. How to increase the income of Farm workers in the new stage of development to promote and guarantee agricultural production and to improve efficiency, and to form a sustained motivation of the development of agriculture, and to strive to create a new situation for the XPCC to develop agricultural, income distribution system reform and adjustment is imperative.This study by empirical description of the changing and the status of the XPCC income distribution system, and by theoretical and empirical analysis of the relevant system reason, is to establish the income distribution theory that conforms the reality of XPCC agricultural farm. This is also the theoretical significance of the study. The research results have certain reference effect on improving the XPCC income distribution and redistribution policy, and on improving the social security system and maintaining the stability of the workers, and on the implementing policies of maintaining social and political stability. That is the practical significance of the study.The study can be divided into eight parts. Chapter I is an introduction. Chapter II is the comment of interrelated theory. Chapter III is to analyze the changes of XPCC Farm income distribution. Chapter IV, the composition and the evaluation of the XPCC Farm income distribution system .Chapter V is to analyze the impact of income distribution system on economic growth of XPCC Farm. Chapter VI is correlation analysis on the income distribution with the income growth of the Farm workers. Chapter VII is the Game Analysis of the selected actions between the Mission Farm workers and managers in the current income distribution system. Chapter VIII are relevant countermeasures about the Optimization of XPCC Farm income distribution system.Chapter I Introduction of issues including the proposed concepts, methods and research framework is the background of writing articles, topics significance, and cooperation on the concept of an overall.Chapter II comment of interrelated theory major reviews the relevant theory of income distribution, clarify the formation and development process of the income distribution theory, introduce and analyze the main elements of the income distribution core issue,introduce all the major theoretical views and major contribution of all stoicses about the income distribution theory,and ummarise the China’s academics exploration about the income distribution theory during the economic development.This chapter is the theoretical basis of the whole text.Chapter III that analyzes the changes of XPCC Farm income distribution focuses on the different income distribution system used by the XPCC in all its development stages since it established,and the evaluation of the effectiveness of the various distribution system, and rationalizing the continuous exploration process of XPCC income distribution system.It also elaborate and analysis the reasons behind the income distribution system adopted by XPCC in its various historical periods.Chapter IV, the composition and the evaluation of the XPCC Farm income distribution system, focuses on the component framework and main contents of XPCC farm income distribution system.Chapter V, analyzing the impact of the income distribution system with the XPCC farm economic growth,mainly through empirical analysis to identify the relevant factors that the income distribution impact the XPCC economic to provide the basis for the reform and adjustment of the income distribution system in the next stage.Chapter VI, correlation analysis about income distribution and the income growth of Farm workers, focuses on the relationship between income growth of Farm workers and income distribution.Chapter VII using game theory, researches and investigates it is a possibility that making this organizational model in the contract system into cooperate under a certain system arrangement.Chapter VIII, relevant countermeasures about the Optimization of XPCC Farm income distribution system, stands on the basis of the front conclusions, combines the status quo of XPCC Farm, raises some measures and recommendations related to the optimization of income distribution system with a view to to provide reference for the income distribution system reform of XPCC Farm.Based on the analysis sum up views as follows:1. The XPCC Farm income distribution system reform is twofold objective, namely, the enhancement of production efficiency and the smooth implementation of Station troops to open up wasteland garrison and the border region, and there is certain collision between the two goals. So the measure standard of income distribution system efficiency is co-ordination and harmonization between the two goals.2. The way of XPCC income distribution system changes is mandatory system changes before the reform of implementing the "1+3" document. The main body of mandatory system changes is the country achieved by the government order and the law. In the later period, it is a profit-making, voluntary and gradual induced system changes driven by the internal demand.3. The XPCC income distribution system is typical timeliness. Every time in the initial adjustment of the income distribution system the positive effect should be obvious. However, with the China’s market economy growing and the changing of macro-environment and the international environment, the XPCC Farm income distribution system will be gradually backward.4. There is a strong positive correlation between the income distribution system and the agricultural performance of XPCC. That the fair income distribution system is in decline will impact on agricultural growth directly.5. The reform of the XPCC income distribution system plays a decisive role of the social stability and the smooth implementation of Station troops to open up wasteland garrison and the border region of XPCC Farm.6. Present the reform of the Farm income distribution system with the main content is alleviating burdens on workers must be correct and timely.7. That Enlarging the Farm’s market total economy and bigging allocate cake is the fundamental choice to solve the contradictions.8. Scientific concept of development should be the primary guiding ideology of the Farm’s income distribution reform.9. The choice of current Farm’s income distribution pattern should be that the initial allocation targets improving agricultural performance with emphasizing efficiency and weakening fair. And the redistribution should improves the degree of social harmony and steadies the worker ranks with focusing on equity and moderate reflecting efficiency at the same time.

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