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Study on System Construction Mechnisium of Regional Industry Ecological-Orient

Author: ZhangYuFei
Tutor: TianJinXin
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Management Science and Engineering
Keywords: Regional Industry Ecology Governance Industry Structure Pollution Path Evolution
CLC: F062.2
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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Study on industry ecology was a hot issue of sustainable development research in recent years. Generally speaking, linear and irreversibly technological mode resulted in using too much natural resources. Repaid economic development, unbalance among regions, compressed industrialization caused ecological problems which in the developed countries over long time but emerged at the same time in China in a short time. Pollution in China caused by extensive economic growth mode was characterized by compressing and structure. The pressure coming from industrialization process is more serious than that of other countries, there are many questions and disorders need to be resolved. To settle those questions comprehensively, it is necessary to build a regional industrial ecological system with research of industrial ecology as its core, under the framework of sustainable development.The paper studied some relative frontier problems on regional industrial ecological system’s building, from the aspect of ecology, theory and methods with industrial ecology, institution economics, circular economics, public management, sustainable development and the complex giant system. This issue is characterized by cross subjects and comprehension. The paper focused on the analysis of the path depending on circular economics, industrial ecology, and new institution economics through researches from home and abroad and regional development facts in China. First proposed and defined several concepts on regional industrial ecological system, then analyzed the objective orientation in the course of regional industry ecology development and introduced three explored orientation needing further research.Till now, path researches were mainly concentrated on industry ecology management methods, designing and programming of ecological park, co-existing of industries. The focus of researches is the management of industry ecology system, where as the research on building industry ecology system is seldom. Therefore, path dependence is one of most important obstacles in the course of regional industry ecology development. This paper first analyzed path dependence, compared different existing evolutionary path adopting different theories, models and techniques, proposed a path broken model in regional industry ecology development, and positioned the government role in regional industry ecology development. The paper also analyzed conditions of optimizing evolutionary path in regional industry ecology development. Under the conditions of relative theories, described the evolutionary process of industry ecology development. Finally, it summarized traditional industry ecology reform and new industry ecology development modes’defects and drawbacks, proposed the optimized direction of industry ecology development mode.Industry ecology is the integrated process of ecology, economic development and social development. This paper proposed that industrial ecology needs to construct a big system platform and system structure including industrial entity, supporting matrix, relationship matrix which support, drive and realize through people, companies and government after we analyzed the complex systemic characteristics of regional industry ecology development. At the same time, we make a program on co-existing techniques, energy and information technique. We draw a conclusion on game analysis among government, companies and masses. And we introduced industrial physical entity pollution resource information exchanging theory and method, setting up integrated platform composed by materials, information, energy, government which can help to understand industry ecology reforming and regional economics development correctly. It supported government efficiency, drove industrial structural optimization, shorten ecological lead between our country and developed countries, provided material foundation and technical support for sustainable development.Regional industry ecology system is a complex system; its comprehensive evaluation also is a more complex process which can not be evaluated depending on individual index. Therefore this paper used analytic hierarchy process, principal component analysis, fuzzy evaluation, and designed the index system for evaluating regional industry ecology development to satisfy both targets of society, economy, ecology and the targets of growth, structural optimization, fairness and efficiency. Public policy frontier warned local government not mess market’s affairs through making and implementing public policy. This paper analyzed the guiding functions of government mode on regional industry ecology development, and explored government innovation between companies and market; government can not depended on administrative ways all along. For environment aspect, the policies government set up must conformed to market rules. Joint market mechanisms with law to solve environment problems can improve and innovate governance mode. So we introduced improving governance mode in constructing regional industry ecology development, then gave thoughts and measures from multiple-aspects.Appling those theories and methods to Harbin regional industry ecology development to test its efficiency and applicability. Local government played an important role in constructing regional industry ecology system, and further developed Harbin regional industry ecology system through improving and innovating governance modes. Those theories and methods can support traditional heavily polluted industries to reform and develop new ecological industries.

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