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Investigation on Spin/orbital-ordering and Phase Separation of Perovskite Manganite

Author: LiXiLu
Tutor: ZhangMing
School: Beijing University of Technology
Course: Materials Science and Engineering
Keywords: Manganite junction phase separation orbital/charge-ordering
CLC: O469
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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In the perovskite manganites,the doped manganites R1xAExMnO3(R=La, Pr.AE=Sr, Ca) is a strongly electron-correlated system with strong coupling among spin,charge, and degrees of orbital freedom, possessing abundant physical phenomena: thecolossal magnetoresistance (CMR) effect, the metal-insulator transition and theelectrical-magnetic phase separation. In the manganite systems, the egsingle-electronband, Mn-O-Mn bond angle and Mn-O bond length could be modulated by A-sitedoping. Thus, the amount of the ferromagnetic metallic and the charge-orderedinsulating phases could be modified. The magnetic and electrical transport propertiesare modified by controlling the competition between the double-exchange andsuper-exchange coupling. The main results of this dissertation are as follows:1) The magnetic and the electrical properties of polycrystallineLa5/8(PrxCa1-x)3/8MnO3prepared by solid-state reaction were investigated. X-raydiffraction (XRD) indicated that all La5/8(PrxCa1-x)3/8MnO3samples are pureorthorhombic perovskite phase with pnma space group at room temperature. Thetemperature dependence of magnetization showed that the Curie temperature (TC)decreased with increasing the Pr concentration, and the TCfor La5/8(PrxCa1-x)3/8MnO3x=0.25,0.5,0.75) was around160K,150K, and100K, respectively. Furthermore,upon increasing the Pr concentration the degree of the lattice distortion increases,which weakens the ferromagnetic interaction and results in the spin glass state. Thespin-frozen temperatures of La5/8(PrxCa1-x)3/8MnO3x=0.25,0.5,0.75)were around150K,75K, and70K, respectively. The electrical resistance as a function oftemperature showed a double-peak phenomenon forx=0.25sample, which wasmainly due to the the different phases in this sample. Magnetoresistancemeasurements confirmed that the CMR could be modulated by the A-site doping inthese compounds.2) La5/8(Pr1-xCax)3/8MnO3/La1-xSrxMnO3(x=0.25,0.5,0.75) films were depositedon STO by RF magnetron sputtering. With the help of XRD and physical propertymeasure system (PPMS), the structure and properties of La1-xSrxMnO3/La5/8(Pr1-xCax)3/8MnO3(x=0.25,0.5,0.75) films were characterized. It’s indicated thatthe films present the favorable orientated growth when deposited on (100) STOsubstrate; samples are small-polaron transition mode. Stress can inhibit the formationof charge ordering state. As the increasing of Pr3+, lattice constant of samplesincreased, the stress between LPCMO and LSMO decreased. This is the direct reasonfor the formation of charge order (CO) state could be easily. When the samples in anexternal magnetic field, the charge order (CO) state could be melted, CMR would beappeared.3) The Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8R0.2O3(R=Ni、Fe、Mn) samples prepared by solid-state reaction were investigated. Discuss the impact B-doping of perovskite. It could beshown from the Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8R0.2O3(R=Ni、Fe、Mn) samples that there was theCo4+-O2--Mn4+super-exchange only with Mn doping, with the TCwas near50K.Pr0.5Ca0.5Mn1-xRuxO3(x=0.09), Ru4+plasma enhanced double exchange interaction.There were Mn3+-O2--Mn4+and Mn3+-O2--Ru5+in the Pr0.5Ca0.5Mn1-xRuxO3(x=0.09)sample. It’s indicated that Ru doping on Mn-site induced the TChigher than TIM.

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