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Research on Plant Landscape Evaluation in Yangmingshan Forest Park, Hunan

Author: YanYuJuan
Tutor: XieBiXia
School: Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course: Forest cultivation
Keywords: Plant landscape Plant communities Evaluation AnalyticHierarchy Process(AHP) Yangmingshan National ForestPark Hunan Province
CLC: Q948
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2012
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Forest plants are the basis of the priority substances in Forest Park, forest landscape is an important component of the tourism attractions in Forest Park. Reasonable evaluation of forest plant landscape is the comprehensive and correct evaluation of forest park tourism resources of the premise, is to realize the rational development and utilization of forest parks and forest tourism sustainable development of the basic guarantee.The research objects of this study are plant communities in Yangmingshan National Forest Park. Sample method and sample line method are used to investigate24representative forest plant communities on the spot. Based on the Survey digitals, the study analyzes their the basic characteristics, the Shannon-weir index, Margalef index, ornamental characteristics, dominant species’ population characteristics, and economic value characteristics, etc.. By using the Brain Storming method, Meeting method and Delphi method, the study produce a set of comprehensive evaluation system about forest plant landscape, constructs the yaahp index model, gets the weight value of each index by using the method of experts, obtains the index score by combining quantitative qualitative analysis method, comprehensively and correctly evaluates the24plant communities by the analytical hierarchy process (ahp), the main findings are as follows:(1) The survey analyzed24samples and180samples ground (including144tree plots,36shrub plots) that consist of165seed plants. These plants belong to61families and111genera,4families7genera8species of gymnosperms,57families104genera157species of angiosperms(dicotyledons54families98genera150species and monocots3families6genera7species). Furthermore, there are8species under State Protection, and15provincial protected species.. Vegetation types include coniferous, broad-leaved, bushes and brush, bamboo four type group, acerola pure forest, needle broad mixed forest, evergreen broad-leaved forest, deciduous broadleaved forest, evergreen and deciduous broad-leaf trees, bamboo broad mixed forest, bushes and brush type, bamboo eight subtype group, Machilus thunbergii Community, Phyllostachys pubescens Community, Clerodendron mandarinorum Community and so on amounting to21formations. The geographical distribution has the uniformity about families, genera, species, has from the tropical to temperate transitional characteristics, tropical composition (families account for49.2%, genera44.1%, species35.2%) slightly above the temperate composition (families account for32.8%, genera33.3%, species20.6%).(2) The change trends of species richness, diversity and evenness index have consistency in the survey analyzed24samples, and the diversity index of the same communities has a certain similarity. Simpson, Shannon-Weiner index of Clerodendron mandarinorum Community, Castanopsis eyrei+Liquidambar acalycina Community, Rhododendron fortunei Brushwood, Weigela japonica+Rhododendron latoucheae Brushwood, Castanopsis eyrei+Schima argentea Community, Rhododendron simisii Brushwood, Rhododendron latoucheae Brushwood, Pseudotsuga sinensis Community is the highest. The results show landscape for the backgrop-und of evergreen plants, and the springtime leaves and Autumn leaf of deciduous plants fill in them. The seasonal landscape of Machilus thunbergii Community, Clerodendron mandarinorum Community, Castanopsis eyrei+Liquidambar acalycina Community, Rhododendron fortunei Brushwood, Weigela japonica+Rhododendron latoucheae Brushwood, Castanopsis eyrei+Schima argentea Community, Rhododendron simisii Brushwood, Rhododendron latoucheae Brushwood is the most abundant. The people watch their spring leaves, spring flowers, autumn leaves and fruits and stem form.(3) According to all the dominant species population diameter level (bamboo with age level) pyramid model analysis show that, Taxus chinensis var. mairei+Phyllostachys pubescens Community belongs to growth community, Phyllostachys pubescens Community, Abies firma Community, Castanopsis eyrei Community are the most stable community, Machilus thunbergii Community is stable community, Phyllostachys pubescens Community,Taxus chinensis var. mairei Community belong to more stable community, other plant communities are in recession.(4) By using the brainstorming method, meeting method and Delphi method, the study produced a complete set of forest plant landscape evaluation system. Evaluation index is mainly composed of species diversity, life forms diversity, evenness index, deciduous plant diversity, species richness and aromatic plant diversity, odd shape years of age plant diversity, fruit-eating plants economic value, material plant economic value in all nine quantitative indicators, and landscape stability, vegetation naturalness, color rich, line richness, space form diversity, sequential landscape characteristics in all six directional indicators. Combined with experts’ weights analysis, ecological value of the Yangmingshan forest plants is more important than the aesthetic and economic value, and ecological value is mainly depends on the plant landscape stability, plant species richness and diversity, vegetation naturalness. Aesthetic value mainly depends on the seasonal characteristics of the plant, color richness and spatial diversity. The economic value is determined mainly by fruit-eating plant and timber plant diversity.(5) Using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) comprehensively evaluates forest plant landscape of Yangmingshan Mountian. Comprehensive Evaluation results show that landscape-level from high to low is:Pseudotsuga sinensis Community, Castanopsis eyrei+Liquidambar acalycina Community(plot14), Castanopsis eyrei+Schima argentea Community, Rhododendron fortunei Brushwood, Machilus thunbergii Community, Castanopsis eyrei+Liquidambar acalycina Community(plot9), Taxus chinensis var. mairei+Phyllostachys pubescens Community(plot5), Weigela japonica+Rhododendron latoucheae Brushwood, Rhododendron simisii Brushwood, Castanopsis eyrei Community, Castanopsis eyrei+Phyllostachys pubescens Community, Phyllostachys pubescens Community, Phyllostachys pubescens+Pinus massoniana Community, Cryptomeria fortunei Brushwood, Abies firma Community, Cunninghamia lanceolata Brushwood, Pinus massoniana Brushwood, Schima superba Brushwood, Phyllostachys nidularia Community(plot11), Phyllostachys nidularia Community(plot13). The distributions of landscape level:grade one8, reach to33.3%, grade two7, reachd to29.17%, grade three6, reach to25%, grade four3, reach to12.5%. Eighteen plant communities which landscape evaluation CEI ranking overweigh50%, reach to75%, far overweigh50%, which reflects that Yangming Mountain is in a very good quality of landscape; As a result the plant landscape in Yangming Mountain has a advantage in ecological value, while it also has some aesthetic characteristics such as:charming, fragrant, ancient, rare, as well as some economic development value.(6) Based on the results of the assessment, the application of botany, ecology, landscape aesthetics, forest aesthetics and the theory of tourism, the relevant technical standards of "Yang Ming mountain Forest Park planning" and "National Nature Reserve of overall planning", in accordance with the natural principle of priority, the principle of sustainable development, ecological principle, the principle of suit one’s measures to local conditions, the principle of unity, humanity principles, combined with the features of the Forest Park scenic area, the mountain forest landscape planning would be for5areas:forest conservation, forest recreation and landscape area, landscape forest, economic forest, native plant nursery. The recommendations of plant landscape planning about road and trail tours online are to retain and maintain the ancient and famous trees, big trees, endangered plants and ornamental flowers and shrubs. In order to quickly form plant landscape which derived from natural but higher than it, it is better to properly add the local plants with high ornamental value and strong adaptability. Because the forest coverage rate of this mountain forest is amount to above90%, there are green trees covering all over this mountain. In the basis of protection of the original vegetation as far as possible. The recommendations of plant landscape planning about entrance District, service places, special attractions and other points are proper arrangement and reasonable application of local ornamental plants:Rhododendron ovatum, Enkianthus serrulatus, Weigela japonica, Hydrangea paniculata, Rhododendron fortunei, Rhododendron simisii in order to set off the whole forest plant landscape.In the support of the National forestry Public Welfare Industry special project for, this study points against the forest plants’ landscape characteristics of Yangmingshan National Forest Park, using brainstorming、Delphi、meeting method for the first time, it produces a set of systematic and completed Evaluation system about forest plants which formed by9quantitative indexes and6qualitative indexes including species diversity、life form diversity、evenness index、deciduous plant diversity、species richness、aromatic plant diversity、rare and old plant diversty、economic value of fruit plants、economic value of material plants、landscape stability、natural vegetation、richness of color、richness of line、space diversity、characteristics of sequential landscape. For the first time, Using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) comprehensively evaluates forest plant landscape of Yangmingshan National Forest Park, this research gets accurate data and theory. In addition, it puts forward forest plants landscape planning by using quantitative indexes and qualitative indexes to evaluate the results firstly. There is important significance for sustainable development of forest park and forest tourism, it also will fill the blank of the study in landscape evaluation about forest plants.

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