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Quasinormal Modes of a Black Hole with Global Monopole Surrounded by Quintessence Matter under the Electromagnetic Perturbation

Author: ZhaoYaFeng
Tutor: WangChunYan
Course: Theoretical Physics
Keywords: Black hole Quintessence matter Global monopole Quasinormal modes Thethird order WKB approximation
CLC: P145.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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A black hole physics is a collection of quantum mechanics, general relativity andastrophysics, etc multi-disciplinary cross theory, it occupies a very important position inmodern physics. Black holes disturbance of space and time related to the problems such as thedetermination of basic parameters and the stability of the black hole, so it has been favored bythe physicist. As is known to all, quasinormal modes is only determined by the parameters ofthe black hole background of time and space, has nothing to do with the initial disturbance ofthe external field, so it is considered to be detect direct evidence of black holes. Once thegravitational waves are detected, then the theory of quasinormal modes of black holes of thestudy will provide important theoretical basis.This thesis mainly studies the quasinormal modes of a black hole with global monopolesurrounded by Quintessence matter. This article is divided into four parts, the first two parts isto introduce the origin of black holes and astronomical observation, the thermodynamicproperties of black holes, Hawking radiation and the classification of the black hole; The thirdpart is to introduce the definition of quasinormal modes of a black hole, the researchsignificance and the method of calculation quasinormal modes (Single value method, the thirdorder WKB approximation method, P-T potential approximation method as well as the finitedifference method); In the fourth part first introduced the metric of the black hole with globalmonopole surrounded by Quintessence material; Then three order WKB approximation methodis used to calculate the quasinormal modes of the black hole with global monopole surroundedby Quintessence matter under the electromagnetic perturbation, and discussed the quasinormalmodes frequency with the change of the relationship between various parameters in detail,which is also the core part of this paper. The last is the summary of this thesis.

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