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Study of Shanxi province urbanization system and urban spatial evolution based on fractal theory and ESDA

Author: HeXiaoHui
Tutor: WeiHaiYan
School: Shaanxi Normal University
Course: Cartography and Geographic Information Systems
Keywords: Shanxi Province urban system scale urbanization temporal and spatialevolution
CLC: P208
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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The urban system is the skeleton of a regional economic development, the important symbols of measuring its urbanization level are the region’s economic strength, the level of modernization and so on. Under the development of economic globalization, urbanization system has taken place a huge change in this pattern, the development focus of the world’s urbanization has already changed from the developed countries to developing countries, the key study areas about urban system also turn to developing countries. The experts and scholars are enthusiastic about the study of intra-county system and the dynamic spatial and temporal evolution of urbanization. An old saying:"The county governance, the world security." The research on intra-county urbanization is not only helpful to solve the issues concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers, but also conducive to relieve the movement of population from the villages to cities, relieve the urban contradiction between supply and demand. At present, domestic and foreign scholars have done a lot of researches on urban-scale system and urbanization. The foreigners did these researches earlier and formed many mature theories, such as:location theory, structure theory, population migration theory, non-balanced development theory, coordinated development theory and so on; but domestic researches are mainly concentrated in positive and empirical analysis about the choice of urbanization roads, mechanism of urbanization, urbanization and regional development, the development level of urbanization and so on.This article selected the resource-based province,107countries,11cities of Shanxi province as the study objects, selects2000to2009as the study period, selects population, economic and other data of Shanxi as the basic data, and analyzed the urban scale system and dynamic spatial and temporal evolution of urbanization of Shanxi by using the research methods as follows:Fractal, ESDA, Geostatistics and others. It hoped that the conclusions can be able to reflect the urbanization process of Shanxi for lOyears, reveal the current situation and existing problems of Shanxi province clearly by quantitative study, discussed the impact mechanism, and provided the scientific basis for Shanxi’s future urban construction.This article studied the urban system by using the fractal theory, and dynamic spatial and temporal evolution of urbanization of Shanxi by using entropy, ESDA, and Geostatistics, finally it draw some conclusions as follows:(1) At the end of2009, there were two mega-cities:Taiyuan and Datong, two big cities:Yangquan and Changzhi, five medium-sized cities:Jinzhong, Linfen, Jincheng, Yuncheng and Shuozhou, two small cities:Xinzhou and Lvliang in Shanxi province.(2) This article found that by fractal theory, the urban first index of Shanxi had some fluctuations for10years, but the urban development accorded with law of urban development in whole. The urban system was relative perfect, the scale structure had a slight imbalance. The intra-country system structure was relatively concentrated on the spatial distribution, and formed three urban agglomerations:Jinzhong city group, Chang-Lin-Jin-Yuncheng city group(including the southeast and South of Shanxi), North of Shanxi city group.(3) Calculated the urbanization of Shanxi by using entropy method, and found that the urbanization level increased year by year from2000to2009, especially after2004, the urbanization has entered a rapid development stage.(4) Through the global spatial autocorrelation, the study concluded that the county level of urbanization had a positive correlation, the correlation decreased gradually year by year from2000to2009, and a multi-polar core area appeared. From the Moran scattered point diagram, the phenomenon can be seen that:the major part of Shanxi was the low-low concentrated area, the high-high concentrated area was decentralized, the main high-high concentrated area was Taiyuan and its surrounding counties, the high-high concentrate area in Jinzhong Prefecture was expanding gradually. In10years, the gathering had fluctuation in some countries, the countries which had rapid development got into the high-high concentrated area or high-low concentrated area, the countries which had slow development got into low-high concentrated area or low-low concentrated area gradually.(5) By G Statistics, this article found that the hot region of Shanxi was Taiyuan and its surrounding countries, the second hot region was the out region of hot region, formed a circular structure. The radiation and driving effects weaken gradually from center to outward. In10years, southeastern of Shanxi developed quickly, and gradually formed a larger second hot region.(6) By Geostatistics, this article found that the county level of urbanization has taken on high in the Middle, low in north and south, high in east and low in west, the city urbanization was higher than country urbanization, the single core area has changed into the multi-core area, and then into the strip.The feature and original of this article is:(1) based on a large number of literatures, this article integrated qualitative with quantitative, used the theory and technology of Fractal, ESDA and GIS to research the11cities’scale system and107countries’spatial and temporal evolution in Shanxi.(2) This article attempted to use Geostatistics method, made the interpolation for107countries" of Shanxi urbanization, showed the space evolution of urbanization more clearly.(3)This article selected the big resource province. The study area is typical. This study filled the research blank in Shanxi’s urban scale system and urbanization for many years.

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