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Study on Electrochemical Sensor of Aluminum Solid Electrolyte (Al0.2Zr0.8)20/19Nb(PO43

Author: LiuJia
Tutor: WangLing
School: Hebei Union University
Course: Chemical processes
Keywords: Al3+ion conductor solid electrolyte sintering additives electricalconductivity chemical stability
CLC: TP212.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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The (Al0.2Zr0.8)20/19Nb(PO43solid electrolyte was synthesized by the coprecipitationmethod; Al2(WO43solid electrolyte was synthesized by the coprecipitation and the sol-gel method. Added with different amount of ZnO, the phase composition, microstructureand electrical conducting property of samples are characterized by XRD, SEM and EIS,respectively. Studied the stability of (Al0.2Zr0.8)20/19Nb(PO43and Al2(WO43in500℃galvanizing zinc. Prepared Al sensor with (Al0.2Zr0.8)20/19Nb(PO43and Al2(WO43as thesolid electrolyte. The results show that::The different ZnO doping ratio have a great effect on the phase composition andmicrostructure. At a certain sintering temperature,(Al0.2Zr0.8)20/19Nb(PO43was formed ofNASICON structure, and formed of Al2(WO43pure phase structure, there is no impurityphase generation. There was no ZnO phase appeared, which showed ZnO reacted with(Al0.2Zr0.8)20/19Nb(PO43and Al2(WO43. The grain size and the density of samplesincrease with increasing the ZnO amount.The stability tests determined that (Al0.2Zr0.8)20/19Nb(PO43and Al2(WO43werestability in the galvanizing zinc, the diffraction peak intensity, peak shape and peakposition hardly change. The SEM showed the section of the samples was density withoutholes.The ion transference number tests determined that (Al0.2Zr0.8)20/19Nb(PO43testedunder different voltage, the Al ion transference number were above0.99, which showedthat the main conduction ion is Al3+, electronic conduction can be ignored; Al2(WO43tested under different voltage, the Al ion transference number were above0.96, whichshowed that the main conduction ion is Al3+, electronic conduction can be ignored.The (Al0.2Zr0.8)20/19Nb(PO43with5%ZnO sintered at1300℃had the highestconductivity,1.24×10-3S·cm-1at700℃, Al2(WO43was synthesized by thecoprecipitation method with1%ZnO sintered at1000℃, the highest conductivity was4.27×10-4S·cm-1at800℃,Al2(WO43was synthesized by the sol-gel method with1%ZnO sintered at1000℃, the highest conductivity was2.55×10-4S·cm-1at800℃. TheAl sensor is prepared with (Al0.2Zr0.8)20/19Nb(PO43and Al2(WO43has the respond to theAl concentration in the hot zinc solution.

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