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Research of Applications on Gas Chromatography Technology in POM Industry Process

Author: HouLi
Tutor: XuWangSheng; QianXiaoNan
School: Wuhan Institute of Technology
Course: Chemical Engineering
Keywords: gas phase chromatography polyoxymethylene industry analysis content of component
CLC: TQ326.51
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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We adopt Angilent7890gas phase chromatograph for theselection and optimization test of chromatograph conditions andtest methods to establish a series of gas chromatography detectionmethod for component s content of the intermediate products fromeach section of POM unit to solve the problems of POM unitintermediate procedure analysis, unit process control and timelyand accurate analysis data for process optimization.In POM industrial procedure analysis, the main intermediateproduct of01area which is called POM preparation workshop isformaldehyde solution and its main components are HCHO、H2O、CH3OH;Use PP-T column as stationary phase, thermal conductivity celldetector, programmed temperature (gas) chromatography todetermine the components content of formaldehyde solution, thismethod has the advantages of good selectivity, high sensitivity,simple analysis and short analysis time.The main intermediate product of02area which is calledtrioxymethylene preparation workshop are low concentrationtrioxymethylene solution and high purity trioxymethylene productand its main components are HCHO、H2O、CH30H、HCOOCH3、MEAL、DOX、C6H6、trioxymethylene;Use PP-T packed column, thermal conductivitycell detector, programmed temperature (gas) chromatography toachieve the component separation of02area intermediate products,namely, HCHO、H2O、CH30H、HCOOCH3、MEAL、DOX、C6H6、trioxymethyleneand determine the components content; Use polar capillary, FID detector and programmed temperature (gas) chromatography toseparate and determine the components content of high puritytrioxymethylene, such as HCOOCH3、MEAL、DOX、C6H6、trioxymethylene.This method has the advantages of good selectivity, highsensitivity, simple analysis and short analysis time.The main intermediate products in03area which is calleddioxolane preparation section are low concentration dioxolanesolution and high purity dioxolane products, and its maincomponents are HCHO、H2O、CH30H、HCOOCH3、MEAL、DOX and etc; Usethe PP-T packed column, thermal conductivity detector andprogrammed temperature gas chromatography to achieve theseparation of intermediate products, such as formaldehyde, water,methanol, methylal, methyl formate, dioxolane, trioxymethylene,ethylene glycol and other components in03area, and determinethe content of each component; Use the polar capillary column,flame ionization detector, temperature-programmedchromatography to accomplish the separation of methanol, benzene,dioxolane, trioxymethylene, ethylene glycol, paraformaldehydeand other components in intermediate product high puritydioxolane in03area, and determine the content of each component;This method has advantages of good selectivity, high sensitivity,simple analysis, short time and etc.The main intermediate products of04area polymerizationsection are polymerization feed and waste liquid afterpolymerization, its main components are HCHO、H2O、CH30H、HCOOCH3、MEAL、DOX、C6H6、TOX and etc. Use the Polar capillary column, flameionization detector, temperature-programmed chromatography to accomplish the separation of methanol, methylal, benzene,dioxolane, trioxymethylene, ethylene glycol and other componentsin polymerization feed and discharge components in04area, anddetermine the content of each component. This method hasadvantages of high separation and high accuracy.Main control target of industrial waste water of POM plantare trace formaldehyde, trioxymethylene, methanol, dioxolane,benzene, ethylene glycol and etc; Use headspace sampler, polarcapillary column, flame ionization detector,temperature-programmed chromatography to achieve the separationof waste water trioxymethylene, benzene, dioxolane, ethyleneglycol, triethylamine, methanol and other components, anddetermine the content of each component, this method has theadvantages of good selectivity and high accuracy.

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