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A Study on Joint Method of Absorption and Adsorption Removing CO2in the Simulated Flue Gas

Author: ZhangZhe
Tutor: GuoJia
School: Wuhan Institute of Technology
Course: Chemical processes
Keywords: carbon dioxde molecular sieve N-methyl diethanolamine joint method
CLC: X701
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Elevated levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have brought increasinglyserious environmental problems. Countries around the world have put forward a newgeneration of energy saving plan and emission reduction technology. But at the sametime, limiting emissions of carbon dioxide will hinders the development of thecountry to some extent. So developing efficient carbon capture technology can bringsocial and economic benefits as well as protecting the natural environment. The mostsuitable method for efficient carbon dioxide capture is researched through highconcentrations adsorbent selection, modification and optimization of processconditions, the selection of absorbent, and activated under low concentration andprocess condition of optimization.High concentrations of CO2in the gas adsorption are researched using molecularsieve, activated alumina and silica gel. The influence of carbon dioxide concentration,feed gas flow rate, impurity and metal ions modification of molecular sieves to theadsorption is researched. The adsorption breakthrough curve and adsorption curve ofcarbon dioxide are drawn. The CO2absorption of N-methyl diethanolamine solution,an ethanol amine, ammonia, and activated Piperazine, divinyl three amine, an ethanolamine in the low concentration absorption is researched. The influence of temperature,feed gas flow rate and impurity to the adsorption is researched. The adsorptionbreakthrough curve is drawn.The result shows that in the process of adsorption, molecular sieve is suitable foradsorbent of CO2, and the appropriate experimental conditions are temperature of293K, pressure of0.1MPa, flow rate of0.1L/min, concentrations of carbon dioxide of20%, the dosage of40.00g, the saturated extent of adsorption can reach50.6mg/g.Metal ions modified molecular sieve blocks molecular sieve hole structure, thatcauses the loss of carbon molecular sieve adsorption ability and lead to descend ofmolecular sieve adsorption ability. In the absorption process, piperazine activated N-methyl diethanolamine solutions is most suitable for CO2absorption, and theappropriate experimental conditions are temperature of333K, pressure of0.1MPa,flow rate of0.1L/min, concentrations of carbon dioxide of10%, the concentration of absorbent of2mol/l, the adsorption through time can be extended to16min.

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