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Study on the Performance of Zinc Electrode Used in High Power Zn/Ag Batteries

Author: XiaTian
Tutor: TianJianHua; WuCaiXia
School: Tianjin University
Course: Chemical Engineering
Keywords: zinc/silver battery electric deposited zinc powder inhibitor coating
CLC: TM912
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Zinc/silver battery is one of the earlier series of battery in the field of chemicalpower sources. The theoretical energy density of zinc/silver battery is high, and it’stheoretical voltage is about1.856V. The zinc/silver battery gets rapidly developmentfor used in the electric torpedo in the1960s.The electric performance is affected mostly by the zinc electrode in zinc/silverbattery. For the production actually needs this article study on the preparation ofelectric deposited zinc powder, the choosing of mercury-substituting inhibitor and theprocess of pressing zinc plate. These can improve the electrical properties of the zincelectrode thus improve the overall level of the battery.Preparation of the zinc powder is particularly important for the zinc powder isthe basic material of the zinc electrode. This article studied the different currentdensity, electrolyte concentration on the deposition of zinc electrode performance.Based on above results, we made the test electrodes by used the electric depositedzinc powder. Then, the test electrodes was charged and discharged in actual workingsituations of high power battery.We studied ternary ally powder and PbO two zinc negative mercury-substitutinginhibitors in the actual work of the high-power zinc-silver battery. Self-corrosionpotential and over-potential of hydrogen evolution were also studied by usingpotentiodynamic polarization curve method. Results showed that the twomercury-substituting inhibitors can effectively reduce the hydrogen evolution fromzinc electrode, and the ternary alloy powder is even better than HgO on decreasinghydrogen evolution.We measured the bulk density, fluidity, granularity, specific surface and surfacemorphology of the mixed zinc power. We also tested the electric performance ofexperiment zinc electrode. The fluidity of mixed zinc powder was improved bycoating PVA. That is more suitable to be used in roll process and get better electricperformance of zinc electrode.

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