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Spices microwave extraction technology and application technology research

Author: ZhouYeYan
Tutor: FanYaMing
School: Guangzhou University
Course: Organic Chemistry
Keywords: Spices Spice extracts Dynamic - microwave extraction Industrialization process Energy accounting
CLC: TS264
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Purpose of this thesis is to achieve a dynamic spices - microwave extraction technology industrialization, so industrial-scale extraction efficiency and energy consumption to meet or exceed the small test results. The implementation of this thesis spans a small test pilot stage of industrialization, through the analysis of experimental results and evaluation of spices dynamic - microwave extraction equipment and technology transfer and implementation of industrialization laid the technical foundation, but also for the traditional sophisticated and efficient extraction industry application of new technologies, new processes provide scientific reference value. Single factor method and orthogonal screening and optimization small scale level of technology, the results showed that: black pepper, seaweed, dried tangerine peel, ginger extract and hesperidin and other extraction rate were 11%, 26.84%, 27 ~ 35 %, 7 to 11%, 2.88%, and the determination of the main active ingredient to establish a set of simple and efficient, low-cost, accurate and ready for dynamic monitoring of the production process technology for the extraction industry, product control standards reference. In static - microwave extraction of a small test on the basis of single factor test, design, debugging test equipment, so as to dynamically - microwave extraction of black pepper oleoresin constructed platform. The main use of L9 (34) orthogonal experimental design in a pilot scale study of microwave power, material flow, total solid-liquid ratio and extraction times four factors on extraction effect. The results showed that 95% food grade ethanol as solvent, the best in the trial process parameters: microwave power 2400W, flow rate 52 L * h-1, total solid-liquid ratio 1:7, extraction times 3. The resulting black pepper oleoresin extraction rate of 12.69%, piperine extract was 4.780%. And propose effective time of microwave irradiation with microwave valid concept, explaining the small pilot scale to pilot experiments arise. In dynamic - microwave extraction of black pepper oleoresin in the pilot study, based on a single factor test is preferable Piper longum oleoresin production process parameters. The results showed that 95% ethanol as solvent, the solvent is repeatedly used, optimum production process parameters: microwave power 3200W, flow 200L / h, total liquid ratio: 1: 4, extracted four times, Piper longum oil Resin extraction rate reached 10.45%, extraction rate of 2.07% piperine. In the extraction efficiency under conditions of considerable energy consumption evaluation of spices from the dynamic - microwave extraction technology of industrial production, the result is: Dynamic - microwave energy in industrial production was approximately 65% ​​in the trial, 31.2% of small scale; only refluxing the solvent for 40 to 70%; the impregnation temperature as compared with the solvent, the dynamic - microwave extraction time is only the latter 1/10. Indicate that the dynamic - microwave extraction industrial test got better than small scale, pilot results, better than the mainstream technology industry, solvent extraction results. Solve the dynamic - microwave extraction on an industrial scale extraction efficiency and energy far and the effect of small scale problems, to achieve energy saving, improve product quality and yield and other purposes.

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