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The Effects of Different Silage Ways on Quality of Surface Materials and Degrees of Compaction on Corn Silage

Author: MaoYuXia
Tutor: YangZhongPing
School: Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course: Biomaterials Science and Engineering
Keywords: silage surface materials quality variation preservatives compaction degree
CLC: S816.53
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Recently, with the fast development of livestock, silage has been paid great importanceby all the countries all over the world and almost every country are in great demand ofhigh-quality feed. As one kind of convenient, economical and affordable feeds, corn silagehas been acclaimed, but it’s loss is a difficult problem which can’t be solve for a long timebecause of restricted by production methods.With the enhanceing of environmentalrequirements and the rising of raw materials’ and energy’s prices, the livestock sector paysmore attention to low input and high output of silaging, and the researches on how to reducethe cost and improve the quality of silage have significantly increased.According to the analysis on data and experience, we know that the degree ofcompaction have important implications on the fermentation quality of silage, but the specificimpactions on the regularity and the mechanism are unclear. The variation of the surfacematerials’ fermentation quality and the main factors will be clarified through studying on thechange process and regularity of the surface materials under different treatments and studyingon how compaction degree affect silage, and it can provide theoretical basis to controlling thecorruption process and reducing the loss of the surface material, thereby enhance security andstability of the silage production, promote the development and enhancement of the silageindustry.In this paper the research contents and conclusions involves the following aspects:(1) Research on the main influencing factors and variation regularity of the surfacematerials’ fermentation quality based on conventional silage mode. Based on the traditionalsilage mode, using the simulation experiments, it is researched that how the three main factors,chopped length, compaction degree and sealing degree, affect the surface materials’fermentation quality and the change regularity by orthogonal design. The results show thatcompaction degree and sealing degree have significant influence on the mold depth of surfacesilage materials(P<0.05), chopped length hasn’t significant influence on the mold depth ofsurface silage materials(P<0.05). And compaction degree has a significant effect on silagefermentation quality of surface materials (P<0.05), sealing degree and chopped length havenot significant effect on silage fermentation quality of surface materials (P>0.05). So that the loss of surface material can be reduced and the surface material silage fermentation qualitycan be ensured by increasing compaction degree of the surface materials and reducing thesealing degree.(2) Research on surface anti-corrosion of silaging. Based on the traditional silage mode,using the simulation method, it is researched that the effect of surface corrosion on the silagefermentation by examining silage effect under different preservatives (formaldehyde, formicacid, formaldehyde and formic acid1:1, formaldehyde and formic acid3:1). The results showthat spraying preservatives bring about a striking effect than blank control group, sprayingmixing preservatives bring about a striking effect than spraying single preservatives, and theeffect of praying mixed preservatives--formaldehyde and formic acid3:1is the best. Furtherstudy on whole plant corn compression bundling silage under different mixed usingconcentrations of preservatives--formaldehyde and formic acid3:1shows that the best usingconcentration is formaldehyde58.84‰+formic acid8.25‰.(3) Research on the effect of compaction degree on the silaging process. To study theeffect of compaction degree on the silaging process, a new type of fermenter is designed byPVC pipe and the silage test on compaction degree has been done using this fermenter. Theresults show that: the new type of fermenter’s sealing performance is good, and it can meet therequirement of repeated sampling during silaging process;compaction degree has significantinfluence on the pH, lactic acid content and acetic acid content in silage(P<0.05); between acertain compaction degree range(300kg·m-3~550kg·m-3), with the increasing of charge degreerange, the fermentation quality of the silage correspondly increase; compaction degreereaching a certain range(above550kg·m-3), the fermentation quality of the silage can beexcellent and has rarely rise with the increasing of compaction degree.

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