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The Correlation Study of TCM Syndrome Differentiation of Coronary Heart Disease with Heart Failure and Coirn

Author: ZhouLiang
Tutor: WuYiNan
School: Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Chinese medical science
Keywords: coronary heart disease heart failure TCM syndrome-type SerineProtease (Corin) Brain Natriuretic Peptide (BNP)
CLC: R259
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Objective:Through testing the Corin and BNP of coronary heart disease with heartfailure(CHD with HF),we explore the correlation among the level of Corin and BNP, TCMsyndrome of CHD with HF and the severity of heart failure,then provide the clinical basisfor the study of integration of Traditional Medicine and Western Medicine. Method:93CHD with HF patients were defined in clinic. Collecting the patients generalinformation,including symptom,sign,tongue,pulse and other clinical informations,then allthe patients were divided into two clinical types of TCM syndrome:54cases ofqi-deficiency;39cases of yang-deficiency. According to the cardiac function standard ofNew York Heart Association,We devided patients into three groups:32patients weregradeⅡ,30patients were grade Ⅲ,31patients were grade Ⅳ.30healthy voluteers wereenrolled as normal control group. The level of Corin was detected by enzyme-linkedimmunosorbent assay(ELISA).Application of whole blood rapid micro columnchromatography was used to test the level of plasma BNP. We analyze these data with thestatistics software SPSSl6.0Results:1.Through analysing the data between heart failuregroup and normal control group,we discover that the level of Corin in heart failure group issignificantly lower than that in the normal control group(P<0.01),but BNP is contrary toCorin (P<0.01);2. The severer heart failure(NYHAII<III<IV) the lower level ofCorin(CorinII>CorinIII>CorinIV),but BNP is contrary to Corin,the severer heartfailure(NYHA II<III<IV Grade)the higher level of BNP(BNPII<BNPIII<BNPIV);3. Thelevel of Corin in heart failure group has obvious negative correlation with heart functionclassification (r=-0.939,P=0.000),but the BNP level of heart failure group has a highly positive correlation with heart function classification(r=0.939,P=0.000),then Corin and BNPhave a obvious negative correlation(r=-0.955,P=0.000).4. When we pay attention to thedifferentiation between two Syndrome differentiation of TCM groups,the level of Corinqi-deficiency group is significantly higher than yang-deficiency(PCorin<0.01),but BNP iscontrary to Corin(PBNP<0.01).Result:1. The level of Corin in patients with heart failure issignificantly lower than that in normal control group,but BNP is contrary to Corin;2. Thelevel of Corin and BNP has obvious correlation with heart function classification;3.Thelevel of Corin and BNP has significant differences among the two TCM syndromegroups.

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