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Study Relevantly on Thick and Greasy Fur and the Expression of Tongue Exfoliated Cells’ Bcl-2、EGFR in the Middle-advanced Stage of Pulmonary Cancer

Author: XiaoZuoZuo
Tutor: ZhouJunQin
School: Hebei Medical University
Course: Diagnostics of Chinese Medicine
Keywords: pulmonary cancer thick and greasy fur exfoliated cells ofcoated tongue Bcl-2 EGFR
CLC: R273
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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ObJective: To discuss thick and greasy fur and the expression of TongueExfoliated cells’ Bcl-2, EGFR in the middle-advanced stage of pulmonarycancer by detecting the bacterium total quantity, the expression of Bcl-2andEGFR of tongue exfoliated cells, so that we can provide an obJective basis forclinical diagnosis of themiddle-advanced stage of pulmonary cancer.Methods: Select40lung cancer patients with thick and greasy fur whowere in midanaphase in cancer group, select30patients with thick and greasyfur who were Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in COPD group, select30people who were in healthy subjects in Normal group. Detecting thebacterium total quantity, the expression of Bcl-2and EGFR of tongueexfoliated cells. All the datas were analyzed by statistical software ofSPSS18.0for windows. To measure datas, we adopt one-factor analysis ofvariance, one-way ANOVA to make comparison between groups and use LSDto make comparison between two groups. Enumeration datas were statisticalanalyzed by line×column chi-square test.Results:1Comparison of bacterium total quantity in different groupsComparing with the total bacteria number of each group of the cast-offcells coated tongue. With the analysis of spss18.0, compared with lung cancergroup, the the normal group of the cast-off cells coated tongue was lowerwhile the COPD group was higer, and the statistical difference was obvious(P<0.05).2Comparison of Bcl-2expression in different groupsComparison of the inhibiting apoptosis protein expression of Bcl-2in thecast-off cells of coated tongue in each group by chi-square test, compared withlung cancer group, the COPD and the normal group has the statistical difference respectively (P<0.05). The Bcl-2was not found in the normalgroup, while it was dectected in the lung cancer group and the COPD group.But positive rate in the lung cancer group was up to55%, and was higher thanin the COPD group.3Comparison of EGFR expression in different groupsComparison of EGFR expression of each group, it was found in all thegroup, and were different with statistics respectively (P<0.05). The positiverate was highest in the lung cancer group with the percentage of45%, and theEGFR expression’colour was pale brown and tan.Conclusion:1Comparing with the total bacteria number of each group in the cast-offcells of coated tongue, we found that the total number of bacteria in the lungcancer group was higher than the normal group while was lower than theCOPD group. Because the patients with middle-advanced stage of pulmonarycancer had producted for long time, and the funcyion of lung was disrupted, sophlegm-dampness was emerged. And the patients had thick and greasy fur. Butthe patient’s condition of phlegm-dampness was different. The bacteria wasexternal disease factors excesses of the six factors, COPD relates in a big waywith it. Furthermore the circulation of body fluid was hindered, the washfuncyion of saliva was weakened. Above those foundation, the total number ofbacteria in the lung cancer group was higher than the normal group while waslower than the COPD group. The total number of bacteria in the lung cancergroup can be an objective indicator for diagnosis of lung cancer.2The Bcl-2was not found in the normal’ cast-off cells of coated tongue,while it was dectected in the lung cancer group and the COPD group, threegroups have the statistical difference. Bcl-2protein was the encoding productof the original cancer gene bcl-2, it was anti-apoptotic protein which hasimportant influence on occurrence and development of cancer. In the lungcancer group, Bcl-2protein has inhibition of apoptosis of the cells which oftongue epithelial cells, makes the cells lifetime lengthen, leading to theformation of the thick and greasy fur. The Bcl-2protein provides reference for thick greasy fur formation mechanism of the mid and late stage lung cancerpatient, and can provide reference for diagnosis of lung cancer.3Comparison of EGFR expression of each group, it was found in all thegroup, but were different with statistics. The positive rate was highest in thelung cancer group, while the EGFR expression’colour was pale brown and tan.EGFR was glycoprotein which can examines in many kinds of normal tissuesand in the different origin tumor cell membrane. EGFR was activated,initiated through intracellular signal transduction pathways of cell cycle,maked the cell develop to the proliferative phase by the repose period, it hasimportant influence on occurrence and development of cancer. Because bodydeficiency in patients with advanced lung cancer, they producted for long time,and blood stasis hinder body fluid, fluid accumulation of phlegm-damp, soform a thick greasy fur. The positive rate was highest in the lung cancer group,provided reference for the thick greasy fur formation mechanism of the midand late stage lung cancer patient, and can provide reference for diagnosis oflung cancer.

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