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Stilbene Yu Luxuriant Improve Middle-late Tang Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Both Qi and Yin Deifciency Constitution of Clinical Pathology Research

Author: LiYongXia
Tutor: JiaWenKui
Course: Clinical basis for TCM
Keywords: Stilbene Yu luxuriant soup Chemotherapy Pathologic constitution Clinical research
CLC: R285
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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In recent decades, lung cancer incidence of a disease and mortality in many countriesthere is a clear rising trend, at present the world every year sixty new TB cases, lung cancerpatients[1], in our country, the morbidity and mortality of lung cancer rise in the pastdecade is particularly obvious, lung cancer onset hidden, appear obvious symptoms andtypical signs is period, often hydrops, and easy to transfer, easy to relapse, poor prognosticfeatures, chemotherapy can control or elimination of tumor patients most threatened themetastatic lesions, and at the same time can’t avoid to normal tissue damage, traditionalChinese medicine with chemotherapy from theoretical research and clinical curative effectobservation has very good prospects, but synergistic inhibition of cancer chemotherapy,and can reduce to the poison pay action.Objective:By applying the stilbene Yu luxuriant soup with chemotherapy group(treatment group) and the pure chemotherapy group (control group) to improve themiddle-late non-small cell lung cancer patients clinical observation of both qi and Yindeficiency constitution, qi and Yin deficiency for locally advanced lung cancer patientspathologic constitution characteristic, use of stilbene Yu luxuriant soup with chemotherapywith the centralizer from this, paying equal attention to prevention and treatment based onsyndrome differentiation, the flexibility to add and subtract, observe the clinical effects oftreatment of locally advanced lung cancer and the impact on the quality of life.Methods:Would be consistent with clinical pathology study inclusion criteria of bothqi and Yin deficiency constitution type of a total of60patients with advanced non-smallcell lung cancer, according to the principle of randomized divided into two groups,treatment group30cases,30cases of control group, two groups of cases are derived fromthe combination of Chinese and western medicine hospital of Shanxi Province, thetreatment group used NP scheme for2cycles of chemotherapy, and the day beforechemotherapy given stilbene Yu luxuriant soup until end of2cycles of chemotherapy, thecontrol group gave the same2cycles of chemotherapy regimen for treatment group, toobserve the clinical curative effect, life quality (carr’s score and weight), Chinese medicinesymptom integral and the change of degree of adverse reaction of chemotherapy. Results:Stilbene Yu luxuriant soup with NP chemotherapy can improve the patients’tolerance to chemotherapy and reduce side effects of chemotherapy, enhanced immunefunction, and indirectly, to achieve the purpose of prevention and treatment of tumor.Conclusion: Stilbene Yu luxuriant soup with NP chemotherapy than simplechemotherapy, can effectively prevent or reduce the adverse reaction, effective assistancechemotherapy patients complete treatment, reduce the decline of bone marrow suppression,such as blood picture, especially white blood cells, platelets, reduce chemotherapy sideeffects such as nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, or constipation, etc., make up for theinadequacy of chemotherapy, the patient general condition improved, to maintain goodquality of life.

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