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The Research of Corrosion-prevent Problem in Low-pressur Boiler Chemical Cleaning

Author: XiangCaiPing
Tutor: HuYouBiao
School: Anhui University of Technology
Course: Environmental Science
Keywords: Low-pressure boiler Chemical cleaning Scale Corrosion
CLC: TK228
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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The process of industrialization, low pressure boilers are widely used in the production and life of the heating system, production supercharged. The low-pressure boiler feed water is generally hard water of the river water, groundwater, water treatment commonly used ion exchange method. Although influent softening, with increasing run time, scale, also increased, affecting the thermal conductivity of the boiler, and a waste of fuel, and threaten the safe operation of the boiler, and therefore must periodically be cleaned to the low pressure boiler. The current method of cleaning a pickling inhibitor, to cleaning acid interested boiler body to produce a certain corrosion, inhibitor play reduce corrosive action, cleaning the descaling rate and the inhibition efficiency is affected by a variety of factors, such as the concentration of the acid liquid, cleaning time and washing temperature, but also by the influence of the inhibitor concentration. Cleaning liquid waste contains large amounts of acidic substances and a large number of dissolved substances can not be directly discharged, and discharged into natural water bodies to deal with before. The low pressure boiler chemical cleaning process Inhibition of this study on the basis of simulation experiments to explore the use of the corrosion test piece, adjusting the concentration of the acid liquid, in an amount of corrosion inhibitor, the heating time and the heating temperature, simulated boiler cleaning process identify the best corrosion conditions and low pressure boiler chemical cleaning process simulation, in the cleansed scale at the same time, the conservation of raw materials, reduce boiler fuel and energy use. Inhibition conditions obtained in the present experiment: heating time of 3.5 hours, the washing temperature was 50 ° C, inhibitor concentration 0.25g/10ml, a concentration of 3% in the pickling solution. Implementation of low-pressure boiler chemical cleaning works on the basis of this experimental conditions. Engineering process of low-pressure boiler chemical cleaning, chemical cleaning process: acid tank → before pickling pump → the left the waterwall → drum → after, the right the waterwall → provisional system → acid tank, pickling cleaning boilers drum, waterwall and the body of the boiler steam drum box, and added to the pickling process the inhibitor 0.25g/10ml determine acid chemical cleaning time is 3.5 hours, and chemical cleaning when the heating temperature is 50 ° C, the cleaning is finished, The cleaning evaluation of the low-pressure boiler, pickling liquid waste and acid-base processing, cleaning effect and pickling liquid waste disposal to meet the state standards: 1. supervision and inspection, corrosion and corrosion specimens specimen the corrosion efficiency 6.804g / (m2 · h), far less than the standard value; 2. monitor tube inspection showed that the passivation effect is very good; After cleaning the boiler drum and water wall header under internal checks, the next set of the about box cleared 4kg sediment, the inner wall of the boiler drum clean uniform passive film. Pickling wastewater before discharge after the acid-base and pre-processing to achieve national standards for wastewater discharge emissions discharged to the Group's sewage treatment equipment.

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