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Gastric Cancer Syndrome Types of TCM P53and VEGF Expression Level Correlation Studies

Author: LiGuoWei
Tutor: WangJianHua
School: Shaanxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords: P53 VEGF immunohistochemistry gastric cancer
CLC: R735.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Objective:The study through the collection of a large sample of clinical specimens, to carry out thecurrently known p53, VEGF, etc.2gastric cancer marker gene expression analysis of thedifferences between the groups for gastric cancer in traditional Chinese medicine syndrometype theoryand experimental basis. To clarify the relationship between p53, VEGF andTCM, understanding the mechanism of gastric cancer to predict the outcome has animportant role, to explore TCM symptoms and substance of the key.Methods:Selection in May2011-February2011, the medical records of patients, and all is shaanxicollege of traditional Chinese medicine affiliated hospital surgerypatients,Respectivelywithreference to the international traditional Chinese medicine tumor academic,onferenceofthegastric cancer diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine guidelines (draft)promulgated in spleen and stomach cold, stomach heat Yin, stomach diseases makehlegmywet condensation six kinds of qi and blood stasis and qi deficiency gastric cancer,yndrometypes of TCM diagnostic criteria of the patient, Aged26to83years old, average age56.3years,80casesofmaleandfemale40cases,patientsreceivedsurgicalresection,diseasediagnosedwith stomach cancer.Clinicalobservationindexesincludinggastriccancerpatientbasicsituationandthepatient’sdoctoroftraditionalChinesemedicineclassification,tumordiameter,infiltratingdepth,lymphnodemetastasisdifferentiateddistantmetastases,Controlgroup:gastroscopeor.chronic gastritis specimens were taken from normal, aged23to77years old, the average ageof39.7years,19cases of men and women in11cases Paraffin embedding archive waxblock are provided with shaanxiinstitute of pathology, the firstaffiliatedhospitaloftraditionalChinese medicine, a total of120cases of tissuesamples,usingimmunohistochemicalmethodto detect VEGF levels of p53expression in gastric cancer tissue and normal tissue, and themicroscopic observation of positive expressionincancercells,usingspss17.0softwarepackagestatistical p53and VEGF in diseases make stomach stomach heat injuryYinandqistagnation and bloodstasis phlegm wet condensation taste xu han qi and blood deficiency six type ofexpression.Results:1gastric cancer patients with p53, VEGF protein expression and expression levels betweendifferent TCM syndromes of gastric cancer, there is a significant difference (P <001).2The expression of p53protein levels in different typing from strong to weak: phlegmstagnation> Qi stagnation type> Fan Wei qi> stomach heat damage to Yin the> stomachDeficiency> blood loss deficiency syndrome.3VEGF protein levels from weak to strong expression in different typing as follows: Thepositive expression rate from strong to weak for phlegm stagnation type> qi stagnation ofqi and blood deficiency type> Fan Wei qi type> stomach Deficiency type> the stomachShangyin type.4.VEGF and p53: a large number of research data show that: there is a clear correlationboth in gastric cancer growth, invasion and metastasis of gastric cancer there is a certainsynergy.Conclusion:p53, VEGF expression level of gastric empirical relationship more closely, When gastricEmpirical more obvious, the illness is more complex, the later stage of disease, theinfiltration of the deeper, the wider the range of lymph node metastasis, TNM stagealsolater, the worse the prognosis.Key words:" Shiru Decoction ";E-cadherin;4T1;BALB/c mouse;breast cancer.

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