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The Expression and Significance of Ki-67、P53and COX-2in Renal Cell Carcinoma

Author: WanJinPing
Tutor: ChenShiWei
Course: Surgery
Keywords: Renal cell carcinoma immunohistochemistry Ki-67 P53 COX-2
CLC: R737.11
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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OBJECTIVE:1、The expression of Ki-67P53and COX-2in renal cell carcinoma;2、The relationships of the Ki-67、P53and COX-2expression with thehistological type of renal cell carcinoma, pathological classification and clinicalstaging;3、The relationships among Ki-67、P53and COX-2expression;4、Discuss the role of Ki-67、P53、COX-2in the occurrence and development ofrenal cell carcinoma.MATERALS AND METHODS:Select40cases of renal cell carcinoma paraffin-embedded specimens thatpathologically confirmed as the experimental group which resected in the People’sLiberation Army No.174Hospital of Urology2008-2012.The present study group:male24cases, female16cases. On the left side were19cases,21were right.Between the ages of27-76years old, with an average age of47.2years. Maximumtumor diameter ranged between1.1cm-16.0cm, an average of5.7cm. Histologicaltype:26cases of clear renal cell carcinoma,8cases of papillary carcinoma,multilocular cystic cell carcinoma of the6cases. Histological grade: G121cases,G214cases, G35cases. Clinical stage: I stage12cases, II18cases, III6cases, IV4cases. Another10cases normal kidney tissue materia paraffin-embedded specimensas an experimental control group. Detected the expression of Ki-67, P53and COX-2in renal cell carcinoma by the means of immunohistochemistry (EliVision two-step).Then The statistical analysis of experimental results using the statistical softwareSPSS18.0.RESULT:1、The positive signals of protain Ki-67were mainly located in the cancer cell’snucleus, The positive rate was67.5%of renal cell carcinoma. In normal renal tissuesthe positive expression of Ki-67protein were0. There was a statistically significantdifference between of them(X2=14.67,P<0.05). Expression of Ki-67protein in renal clear cell carcinoma, granular cell carcinoma and multilocular cystic renal cellcarcinoma with the method of rank sum test, The difference was not statisticallysignificant,(rank sum test, P>0.05). The expression of Ki-67protein in differentpathological grading was statistically significant (rank sum test, P=0.005<0.01).Expression differential in clinical stage I+II and stage III+IV also has statisticalsignificance (rank sum test, P=0.004<0.01).2、Positive signal in renal cell carcinoma of P53protein was mainly located inthe nuclei of cancer cells, The difference was statistically significant (X2=4.160, P<0.05) between renal cell carcinoma and normal kidney tissues. There were nostatistically significant of the difference of P53expression in renal pathologicalclassification, clinical staging and pathological grading (rank sum test, P>0.05).there was a statistically significant difference between of them(X2=5.36,P<0.05).3、The positive signal of COX-2protein expression in renal cell carcinoma wasmainly located in cancer cell cytoplasm and cell membrane. There were nostatistically significant between of them. There were no statistically significant of thedifference of P53expression in renal pathological classification and clinical staging(rank sum test, P>0.05). But there was a statistically significant of the difference ofP53expression in pathological grading (rank sum test, P<0.05).4、Correlation analysis showed P53and Ki-67expression in renal cell carcinomawas positively correlated with the method of Spearma(r=0.32, P=0.044<0.05), P53and COX-2expression in renal cell carcinoma was positively correlated with themethod of Spearma (r=0.317,P=0.046<0.05), But there was no correlation betweenthe expression of Ki-67and COX-2in renal cell carcinoma (P>0.05).CONCLUSION:1、Ki–67,P53and COX-2are involved in the development and progression ofrenal cell carcinoma;2、There must be a relationship between Ki-67and tumor progression andmetastasis. And it can be used as a good reference indicators of the degree ofmalignancy judgment;3、The expression of P53has nothing to do with the histological type andpathological grading and clinical staging; 4、Ki-67, P53and COX-2cannot be used as a clinical diagnosis of renal cellcarcinoma subtypes index;5、P53and COX-2, P53and Ki-67were positively correlated with the expressionof renal cell carcinoma, Both of them play a cooperative role in oncogenesis anddevelopment. There must be better that simultaneous detection of two indicators of anarbitrary set of them than that of the single index to detect in the evaluation ofbiological behavior of RCC and its prognosis.

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