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The Expression and Clinical Significance of Nrf2and HO-1in Renal Carcinoma Tissues

Author: XuPeng
Tutor: LiZuo
School: Hebei Medical University
Course: Surgery
Keywords: Renal cell carcinoma Nrf2 HO-1 Immunohistochemistry RT-PCR
CLC: R737.11
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2014
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Objectives: Renal cell carcinoma(RCC) is a common tumor urinarysystem,70%-80%of clear cell carcinoma, its incidence has increased in recentyears. To find a new target for early detection and prognosis and treatment ofrenal cell carcinoma has a very important significance. Oxidative stress andinflammatory response was closely connected with tumor formation and cellproliferation, and it has become a hot research for scholars of domestic andforeign, genes were related with oxidative stress pathways, may be potentialdrug targets for the treatment of cancer. The current study found that manydrugs play antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects by regulating Nrf2/HO-1signaling pathway. To explore the Nrf2and HO-1with renal cell carcinomarelations, and to detect Nrf2and HO-1level in renal cell carcinoma andParacancerous normal tissues by immunohistochemistry SABC and RT-PCR,by immunohistochemistry SABC and RT-PCR method, discussion the role ofNrf2and HO-1in renal cell carcinoma occurrence and development.Immunohistochemistry: Protein expression levels detected Nrf2andHO-1level from paraffin embedded tissues by immunohistochemicaltechniques, in which51cases of Renal carcinoma tissues specimens,23casesof normal kidney tissue specimens. Using semiquantitative method doublescore to score, comprehensive stats staining positive rate and staining intensity,the results were analyzed by the SPSS17.0software, Nrf2and HO-1positiveexpression rate of difference between renal carcinomatissues and normalkidney tissue. Adopt χ2test, P <0.05considered statistically significant therelationship between Nrf2and HO-1adopt Pearson correlation analysis.RT-PCR detection: according kit instructions of Trizol to extract totalRNA in the frozen tissue, add RT reaction system tube, Synthesized cDNA byreverse transcription reaction, established β-actin gene fragment as internal reference of Nrf2and HO-1gene expression, and amplified in the RT-PCRMiriam, taken amplified products of each sample to make agarose gelelectrophoresis, DNA Marker (DL2000) as standard of labeled fragment, afterelectrophoresis with ultraviolet Transilluminators observed, the purposes ofelectrophoresis bands was analysised by Quantity One gel image analysissoftware, electrophoresis band of β-actin as reference, the results wasexpressed by two absorbance ratio. Absorbance ratio of the two groups adopt ttest to analyze. P <0.05was considered statistically significant.Results:1Immunohistochemistry results: Nrf2is mainly expressed in thecytoplasm of tumor cells. The expression rate of Nrf-2was82.4%in renal cellcarcinoma,34.8%in the normal renal tissue with the methods ofimmunohistochemistry. The difference was statistically significant(P=0.00,P<0.05). HO-1is mainly expressed in the cytoplasm of tumor. The expressionrates of HO-1were76.5%and39.1%in renal cell carcinoma and normal renaltissue. The difference was statistically significant(P=0.02, P<0.05).A positivecorrelation was between the expression of Nrf-2and HO-1in renal cellcarcinoma(r=0.515,P<0.05).2RT-PCR results: The expression quantity of Nrf2was0.747±0.101and0.374±0.071in renal cell carcinoma and normal renal tissue. The differencewas statistically significant(P<0.05). The expression quantity of HO-1was0.853±0.078and0.410±0.085in renal cell carcinoma and normal renaltissue. The difference was statistically significant(P<0.05).Conclusions:1The expression of Nrf-2and HO-1was higher in renal cell carcinomacompared with the normal renal tissues, which might be involved in thehappen and development of renal cell carcinoma, and played an important rolein the evolution process.2The expression of Nrf2, HO-1protein were positively correlated inrenal cell carcinoma.3The high expression of Nrf2, HO-1protein can be as valuable markers to assess the growth of renal cell carcinoma,and may be potentialtherapeutic target.

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