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Expression and Significance of CD44v5、CD44v6in Laryngeal Carcinoma

Author: LiangJia
Tutor: GuJingCheng
School: Liaoning Medical
Course: Otorhinolaryngology
Keywords: Cell adhesion molecule CD44v5 CD44v6 squamous cell carcinoma laryngealtumors
CLC: R739.65
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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ObjectiveLaryngeal higher degree of malignancy prone to lymph node metastasis.Occurrence, development,invasion and metastasis of malignant tumors is acomplex and continuous process. In this process,adhesion of tumor cells andblood vessels and lymphatic vessels basement membrane is very important.Cell adhesion molecule CD44v5and CD44v6with many malignant tumorinvasion and metastasis Closely related to,and direct impact on the prognosisof patients.In this study,next to the observation of cell adhesion moleculeCD44v5and CD44v6expression changes in laryngeal cancer and Adjacenttissues to investigate its clinical significance.MethodsBy immunohistochemical SP method to detect78cases of laryngealcarcinoma (study group) and14cases of adjacent normal tissue (controlgroup) of CD44v5and CD44v6expression in.Eight cases were identified ByRT-PCR and Western blot to test the expression of CD44v5and CD44v6.SPSS13.0statistical analysis software to deal with experimental data,X~2test, ttest for analysis.ResultsThe expression of CD44v5in laryngeal carcinoma and adjacent tissues,the expression of a dominant positive laryngeal carcinoma,the two groups (P<0.05).The positive expression of CD44v5in laryngeal squamous cellcarcinoma rate Ⅲ~Ⅳ period was significantly higher than theⅠ~Ⅱ stage, lymph node metastasis was significantly higher than those without lymph nodemetastasis,and decreases with the classification of laryngeal pathologyincreased.CD44v6expression only in laryngeal carcinoma,adjacent tissues,noexpression of the two groups (P <0.05).The positive expression of CD44v6inlaryngeal rate Ⅲ~Ⅳ stage was significantly higher than theⅠ~Ⅱstage,lymphnode metastasis was significantly higher than those without lymph nodemetastasis,and showed an decreasing trend with the classification oflaryngeal pathology increased.ConclusionsBoth of CD44v5and CD44v6are express in human laryngeal carcinoma,the specificity of the expression of CD44v6higher.CD44v5expression in laryngeal carcinoma and adjacent normal tissue,And with laryngeal cancer,TNM stage,lymph node metastasis are related to astatistically significant difference.CD44v6expression only in laryngeal carcinoma,not expressed inadjacent tissues.And with laryngeal cancer,TNM stage,differentiation degreeof lymph node metastasis is related to a statistically significant difference.

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