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Study on the Mechanism of Kangfuxin Solution in Treatment of Oral Ulcer

Author: LiYuQing
Tutor: QiXiangMin
School: Shandong University
Course: Clinical Stomatology
Keywords: Kangfuxin solution oral ulcer recurrent oral ulcer epidermalgrowth factor epidermal growth factor receptors polymerase chain reaction
CLC: R781.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Background and objective:Oral ulcer (OU) is a common oral mucosal disease. It has various causes and the incidence is as high as25%among common people. It lasts usually for7to10days. When it occurs, the patient feels intense burning pain, so it impacts the patients’ life and study greatly. At present, we know little about its molecular biological mechanism and it is generally believed that a variety of factors are involved in its pathogenesis and the healing process. Many studies have shown that epidermal growth factor (EGF) and epidermal growth factor receptors (EGFR) play an important role in the reconstruction of injured mucosa. Kangfuxin solution has been proved to be effective in treating OU. It can significantly promote the growth of granulation tissue, angiogenesis, acceleration of falling of necrotic tissue and rapid reparation of all types of ulcers and wounds. Kangfuxin solution has complex compositon and it is generally recognized that its effective ingredients are a variety of amino acids, polyhydric alcohols and peptides. This study tries to explore the possible molecular mechanism of treating OU with Kangfuxin solution.Methods:10healthy male SD rats as A group, only30have been modeling male rats were randomly divided into B, D, C, a total of4groups,10rats in each group. A served as normal control group. B was model control group. C group was treated with EGF and D group with Kangfuxin solution. Except group A, buccal mucosal ulcer was induced by30%of acetic acid. From the3rd day on, the rats of group B were treated with normal saline, the rats of group C with EGF and the rats of group D with Kangfuxin solution three times per day for7days. The condition of buccal mucosa of the rats were observed and documented. On the10th day, all the rats were sacrificed, and all their buccal mucosa tissues were removed and divided into two parts. One part was placed at-70℃in the refrigerator and another was fixed in4%neutral paraformaldehyde solution for standby. Immunohistochemical methods were used to study the expression characteristics and distribution of EGF, EGFR. PCR technique was used to evaluate the expression level of EGF and EGFR and β-actin gene in the buccal mucosa tissue of rats in four Groups.Results:Compared with Group B, the mucosal injury of rats in Group C and Group D was improved significantly (p<0.05); light microscopy revealed that in the rats with OU in Group B, the mucosal epithelial structure disappeared and massive inflammatory cells, mainly lymphocytes and neutrophils, infiltrate. EGF distributed mainly in the basal cell layer and the prickle cell layer in the oral mucosa in Group A. The expression level of EGF and EGFR genes in oral mucosa in Group C and D has no great difference from that in Group A(p>0.05), but was significantly higher than that in the model group (p<0.05). EGFR expression appeared in all of the4groups. In Group A, the positive expression of EGFR in the mucous membrane was mainly located in the cytoplasm and cell membrane of the basal cell layer. The expression of this protein was significantly reduced (p<0.05) in Group B compared with that in Group A, C and D. The expression level of EGF and EGFR genes in oral mucosa in Group C and D has no great difference from that in Group A(p>0.05)., but was significantly higher than that in the model group (p<0.05).Conclusion:Kangfuxin solution is effective in treating OU, the mechanism of which may be related to EGF and EGFR expression.

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