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Tang Chuanqi in the Chinese translation of Buddhist scriptures and the Dragon

Author: LiLiWen
Tutor: XiaGuangXing
School: Shanghai Normal University
Course: Chinese classical literature
Keywords: buddhist tang dynasty dragons daughter motif effect
CLC: I207.41
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Stories at Tang dynasty in China, there are so much and funny at all.It include monster type, love type and hero type. Monster type’s storieswill let you feel can not understand it and the ring ring tightly buttons up;love type’s stories is full with romantic and let you fall in it; hero type’sstories will makes you feel moving, pleasure gratitude and revenge. liuyi‘s story is one of the most famous story in love type, everyone in thisfiction have their own personality and language, it described so tactful,it’s language is so attractive. The dargon’s daughter is one of the mostperfect person in it, she is beautiful, she’s artistic talent is horizontal tooverflow, she’s body is engaging too, she’sa real beauty indeed. In theprocess of I read these stories, I find so many as dargog’sdaughter asleading role stories, I accumulate the Chinese translate Buddhist sutraand Tang dynasty stories. I compare with these two kinds of works, Iknow Tang dynasty stories are come from Buddhism stories. Tangdynasty dargon’s daughter’s stories at establish person, details develop,key article and result are close contact with Buddhist stories, most ofthese could find motif in Buddhist stories. But we still can not deny is thatthey have so many similar parts, we will not confuse them at all. In thefact they have their own special feature, they still maintain itcharacteristics interity. For example, in the Buddhist stories, the dargon’sdaughter is a lower stance girl, she is a quiet girl, but in Tang dynastystories, shehas a highly stance, far away to man’s stance even then.She has her own opinion, she will not completely obey her parentsat all.she dare to insist her own rules, pursue their own dreams. Compare withBuddhist stories, it is a progress, of course it reflect women’s consciouswake up and development.Spread Buddhist is very extensive at Tang dynasty in China, monksisbecome more and more, then whether these dargon’s daughter stories in Buddhist and Tang dynasty have coordinate subject? what aboutdargon’s daughter in different kinds of works? Is there anycontacts withthem? What’s special art feature in that? I will talk about all thesequestions in my work. Buddhist comes from India, India think dargon isrear, it is stance lower than man, but in China, we maintain dargon isthe highest god, it symbolize emperor’s right, it have a very high stancein China tradition culture, Tang dynasty stories are inspire subjectedfromBuddhist stories, create so many good dargon’s daughter stories,shehas a higher stance in all these Tang dynasty stories. I chooseBuddhist and Tang dynasty dargon’s daughter stories as learn subject, Iwant to through so many different fictions, induce their motif, image ofdargon’s daughter, effect and art feature. The dargon’s daughterstories spread so wide in China, not only every period have a lot ofthese stories, but also very popular in folks and minority nation. So thedargon’s daughter is represent beauty, she islive and love will spread tocantillate from generation to generation.

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