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Evaluation of Photosynthetic Efficiancy of Seedlings of the Hybrid Progenies (F1) in Peach

Author: HuaXiangPing
Tutor: JiangWeiBing
School: Nanjing Agricultural College
Course: Pomology
Keywords: Peach filial generation Photosynthetic characters Chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics Correlation analysis Clustering analysis
CLC: S662.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Photosynthesis was the origin of crop yields, at heredity control regulating photo synthetic efficiency was a important approach of advance crop yields, and a theory foundation of high photosynthetic efficiency breeding. Growth cycle of woody fruit trees was long, fruit trees genotype mostly was heterozygosity, filial generation brought complex and multiplicate abruption, research was more difficult, so internal and overseas study on photosynthes of woody fruit trees filial generation were fewer. Recently, the research of evaluation and filtration on photosynthetic heterosis in superior seedling was less, mostly research focused on rice, wheat, seabuckthorn. System study on evaluation and filtration of seedling photosynthetic ability of peach trees filial generation wasn’t report. This research selected the current widely cultivated seven peach species and their five cross combination progenies (F1) as the trial materials, studied their photosynthetic performance related indexes in summer (July) and autumn (October), and discussed different cross combination difference of photosynthetic characters, evaluated and filtrated photosynthetic ability of peach cross progenies (F1) single seedling. The results showed that:1. Difference of photosynthetic characters of five cross combination F1 progenies seedlings in peach.Except DⅣof Pn and LSPn of TX188×Yinhe in summer was lower than autumn, and WUE of Xiaguang×Yinhe and TX188×Yinhe withΦPSⅡof Yumyeoung×Xiahui 5# in summer was higher than autumn, the DⅣof Pn, LCP, LSP, LSPn, Fo, Fm and NPQ of mostly cross combination F1 progenies of peach in summer was higher than the autumn, and WUE, AQY,ΦPSⅡ, Fv/Fm and qP was lower than the autumn. The DⅣof Pn, WUE, LCP, AQY, Fo, Fm,ΦPSⅡand qP of the peach F1 progenies seedlings with Yumyeoung as female parent were higher than that with Yinhe as male parent, but the LSP, LSPn, Fv/Fm, and NPQ of the peach F1 progenies seedlings with Yumyeoung as female parent were lower than that with Yinhe as male parent. The DⅣof Pn, WUE, Fm and Fv/Fm of Yumyeoung×Hujingmilu were higher than Yumyeoung×Xiahui 5# and Yumyeoung×Xiacui, and LCP was lower. Photosynthetic characters and Chlorophyll fluorescence characters of Xiaguang×Yinhe were better than TX188×Yinhe. So Yumyeoung×Hujingmilu and Xiaguang X Yinhe were excellent cross combination in photosynthetic characters. The coefficient of variation of DIV of Pn and WUE of TX188×Yinhe was highest. Furthermore, the most utilizable range of light strength of Xiaguang X Yinhe was most in all cross combination. But the coefficient of variation of DIV of Pn and WUE, and most utilizable range of light strength of Yumyeoung X Hujingmilu were less than other cross combination.2 Early evaluation of photosynthetic characters of filial generation (F1) seedlings in peach.By clustering analysis of the DIV of Pn, WUE, LCP, LSP of five peach cross combination F1 progenies seedlings, the results showed that there were more higher type in LSP of Yumyeoung×Xiahui 5# and TX188×Yinhe and DIV of Pn of Xiaguang×Yinhe, but WUE of Yumyeoung×Xiacui was more lowest type. The DIV of Pn, WUE, LCP, LSP of other combination mostly showed middle type, highest and lowest was very fewer, furthermore, filial generation separate was very obvious, different type’s seedlings should purposefully chosen and use as different breeding target. Then by the DIV of Pn, WUE, LSP and LCP of synthesis evaluation of all peach cross combination F1 progenies, we filtrated 22 seedlings of highest colony of photosynthetic performance,20 seedlings of high colony of photosynthetic performance,33 seedlings of higher colony of photosynthetic performance. Coefficient of variation of LCP, LSPn, AQY and NPQ of all cross combination F1 seedlings showed more higher, while Fv/Fm showed more smaller in summer and autumn. The DIV of Pn had a high significant positive correlation with WUE, and had a high significant negative correlation with LCP, and hadn’t correlation with LSP, LSPn, AQY.

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