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Study on the asymmetry of spatial words in modern Chinese reverse

Author: JingBo
Tutor: ZouShaoHua
School: Heilongjiang University
Course: Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords: bearing word above under in outside befor after left right symmetry asymmetric cognition metaphor marktheory
CLC: H146
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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The Chinese grammar educational circles research to bearing word is more, theasymmetry attention to inverted bearing word is less.but his unitary angle seeks anagent to asymmetric making an explanation mostly from usage frequency. This four setof extremely high simple usage frequency bearing word is a representative under themain body of a book "having been used-, before assisting-right,-outside Hou Li,",from every forming the word prototype, core semanteme being point of penetration,the method inspecting each’s environment appearing, passing contrast’s, usesmagnanimous example to have described that this four pair of bearing wordssymmetric with asymmetric law composes in reply behaviour systematically, Laterfrom cognition psychology, mark theory, semanteme study of metaphor, frequencyeffect theory and national culture mentality etc., the angle makes an explanation theseirregular and asymmetric phenomenon excessively.The main body of the paper is allotted together for three major part. Part I is anintroduction, the characteristic being based on the bearing word is in progress to theperson again boundary stable, pointing out bearing word studied by the main body of abook is that one is small kind under the noun, expresses location and direction, themain effect attaches after the body part of speech is constitutive; Another studies thetotal retrospect, points out deficiency to the prehominid in connection with bearingword asymmetry. Second be composed of five chapters, main body being a thesis.Among them first asymmetric till third Zhang Wei Tong category inner bearing wordphenomenon studies, the primo takes that Shan forms a word as module, analyse coresignificance, discuss the person extending the meaning of import from prototypegraphical representation, the ultimate contrast forms symmetrical and asymmetriccondition of word respectively, give corresponding theory out and a basis respectively.Fourth chapters are that every peculiarity forming the inverted bearing word uses condition explanation, mechanism and cause expound concretely including that thebearing word is in hit the target preposition frame appearing indistinctly; Cross usagerelevance is shown and is is connected with making an explanation; The prejudicedmistake type and cause of formation that asymmetric arouses are analytical, place ofbeing also the main body of a book uniqueness. Fifth chapters give a modern timesChinese opposite direction bearing word out asymmetric cause from inside of languagewith language external two aspect population, strive for reference value providingphenomenon people who studies other is asymmetric in the linguistics with relevance.The final part is concluding remarks.In this thesis, we think, take "going ahead-down as" example, asymmetricembody a form having three kinds: Asymmetric first,"have going ahead but cominginto being under the nothing "; Two is "have down but supreme " asymmetric leadingto, this liang of the symmetry not having corresponding collocation, really or being tohave other terms to have born this part in language in growing condition or beinglanguage, creation has this to there be no that asymmetric thereby; Three be that theform is symmetrical but significance is asymmetric or incomplete symmetrical forms.To asymmetric cause, we also reach if drawing a conclusion: Judging from the insideof language, terms is arranged the ability effect in groups asymmetrically other by theformative, the terms appearing indistinctly, the meaning of a word restraint, bearingword metaphor angle unbalance sum, asymmetric coming into being among themfrom appearing indistinctly is involved in "going to liang of group in" bearing word-on the outside, mainly-, is connected with the preposition, verb, noun collocatingwith that mainly; Judging from the language outside, asymmetrically, mentality,language are used frequency effect to compose in reply cognition psychological factorrestraint by the objective reality world asymmetric, inherent Chinese nation culture.The student studying abroad is using this four set of bearing to prejudiced mistakeappear on word Chang, the cause being partial to mistake embodies in pronunciation, grammar and semanteme mainly this three aspect, the main body of the paper havecarried out analysis one by one.

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