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Southern Song Dynasty Tombs in the Basis of the Four Gods Image Research

Author: XieYingYing
Tutor: ZhangChunXin
School: Chongqing University
Course: Fine Arts
Keywords: The Basis of the Southern Song Dynasty Tombs Four Images of God
CLC: J522
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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The focus of the southern song dynasty tombs in the basis of the four gods imageresearch, is to comb shape characteristic of the four gods image, and on the basis of theconstruction of the southern song dynasty four image of god he, on the principles ofcomposition and analyzes the artistic style and explore, while the interpretation of thetheme and variations of culture.Four gods, in ancient China has a long history, early as star map and location godexistence, such as the Oriental dragon, west white tiger, Rose finch, northern blacksouth. As the Han dynasty rulers esteem and social thought, the influence of the fourgods gradually flourishing, and thereafter continues to change in the history of nearlyfour hundred years of development, formed a complete set of image system.Basis of tombs in four gods images of each model has a long history of evolution,in addition to inherit former generation some modeling features, also be the craftsmanera characteristic, make its have strong local characteristics. Thing lung development insong dynasty, the image has been basically fixed, in addition to have "three stopped asif" nine characteristics, create more beaten cross-legged, fire dragon play bead, dragonplaying pearl style, etc. White tiger model more realistic, there is a certain type ofslender body like a snake (have obvious shell), with fire bead, showing a white tigerplay pearl effect. There is one kind is entirely realistic white tiger shape, side like, makeon the form, carved painting is simple, no excess decoration. Song dynasty rose finchimage change is bigger, show positive standing shape, double wings on his chest, oftenin xiangyun, and is like a warrior returned home in triumph. Rose finch such as verticalchickens of realism, vivid and simple; Exaggerated redpoll in Buddhism, commandingpresence. Basalt is still dominated by tortoise snake fit image, though great in thesouthern song dynasty period, but the basis of burial in the basaltic does not seem tohave affected, still imitating former generation of modeling style, comparatively morekind, lovely face. These arts modeling, on the basis of realism and to exaggerate itsdynamic, combined with superb carving techniques, vivid picture, clever to fly.Basis of tombs in four of the image of god is characteristic in the composition andtechnique of expression, like two song period of the literati paintings focus on the"white space" and the poetic expression. Pay attention to primary and secondaryrelationships in the composition, pay attention to the size comparison between elements, comprehensive high relief and low relief and intaglio techniques of highlighting themain body, make it present a month the visual effect like the stars. Stone carvings ofdeserve to act the role of a very simple elements: fire and xiangyun, but the shape isvarious, each are not identical.Identified the tombs of the four gods image research combines art, archaeology,sociology, and many other disciplines, through analysis and research, we can draw thefollowing conclusions: one, the southern song period of the four gods astronomical mapis no longer a mystery, but evolution is auspicious symbol, represents the best wishes ofthe deceased;2, early4god image is fuzzy astronomical knowledge of the ancients andthe product of subjective imagination, it is a symbolic myth graphic of divination. Twosong period, with the improvement of cognition about nature and the progress ofthought, for four and a new understanding. Society is no longer dominated by "god",people can rely on their own ability to participate in the construction and management,then, and god has four faces more and more kind, more and more everyday. People nolonger need to use ferocious terror of the four gods to express the fear of the "god", butto entrust their good wishes. Although is the four gods image in tombs, but its primarypurpose is to serve the world, people’s main body status fully reflect.Southern song period of the four gods has important position in Chinese history,because it is the last complete four gods image system. The tang dynasty, four godsseparated gradually; started to become a symbol of the Chinese nation traditionalculture, in the powerful influence it can still be seen today. It is as time precipitation intopeople’s blood, promotes the Chinese culture psychological reconstruction, andcontinues to affect our life.

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